Starting To See Sun Spots From The Summer? How To Help With A Healthy Aging Supplement

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As much as we hate to say this: We are in the waning days of summer. And with the end of the sunny season comes, well, the potential side effects from too much unprotected sun damage. 

When we think of sun damage, we often go right to the immediate: burns, those itchy, sizzling rashes that come as the immediate result of spending too much time in the sun. But most effects of sun damage don't appear until later: Namely, all the ones associated with premature aging, like fine lines and sun spots. 

And if you did some serious outdoor time this year, you may start to notice those age spots (as they are sometimes called) form right about now—or deepen in shade if you already have 'em. This is especially true if you are past 40, as this is when your skin is less able to mitigate the damages from UV rays, and thus sunspots appear easier or worsen quicker. 

How you can tend to sun spots, post-sun.

Here's the thing with sun damage: Prevention is always the best medicine. We should do our best to be diligent with the proper SPF care (see some of our favorite face SPF options for every skin tone). You would also be wise to amp up your antioxidant use, both topically and internally. Antioxidants help neutralize free radical damage (an effect from UV exposure) before it happens, thus saving you from oxidative stress down the line. 

However, life and sunny days happen—and no one is perfect in their skin care routines at all times. Thus, at the end of summer, you may need a bit of damage control. There are plenty of topical treatments to look into (alpha-hydroxy acids being the most potent at reversing sun damage), but to help manage sun spots and other sun-related skin issues, you should also be mindful of your cellular health.

When we discuss your cellular health, we discuss how able your cells are to regenerate. When your cells (skin or otherwise) can regenerate, they act younger and function better. In the skin, this means they are more vibrant and able to minimize damage. 

And much of this comes down to their mitochondrial function. Your mitochondria are very important for your cells' health, as they literally power the entire thing. As we age, their functions decline, and we are left with less energetic cells; it's so important for overall health that research connects mitochondrial decline to many age-related health conditions. Same goes for skin: As our skin cells are less able to regenerate, those sun spots are more likely to develop. 


How you can use supplements to help. 

mindbodygreen's nr+ star ingredient is nicotinamide riboside (NR). It's a form of vitamin B3 that when ingested, turns into nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). This is a coenzyme that is vital for mitochondrial function, and so keeping NAD+ levels supported naturally is a very important step toward keeping cell function optimal.

The supplement also contains a potent antioxidant (remember when we discussed prevention?) called astaxanthin. It's particularly famous for helping ease and manage sun damage, making it the ideal antioxidant to add to your routine post-summer sun. Not to mention, recent research suggests that ingesting carotenoids (the class of antioxidants this falls under) can enhance the overall tone and appearance of your skin.*  

The takeaway. 

Sun spots are a common issue that arise from too much time outdoors, especially for those north of 40. If you are noticing age spots deepen or appear right about now, it's a good sign that you should consider taking a healthy aging supplement. 


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