5 Ways My Life Has Changed After A Year In Therapy

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My eureka moment came when I found myself lying on my living room floor in tears, hopeless, and in need of major change. That was my rock bottom. That's the moment I decided it was time to ask for help. So, I reached out to a therapist. Over the past year, since I started this process, I've changed more than I could ever have expected. Here are a few of the most meaningful transformations that have occurred since I started this journey:

1. I hold myself accountable.

When I tried to make excuses, I knew my therapist wasn't going to let me get away with it that easily. For example, if I had told him last week that my goal would be to apply for at least 10 jobs by our next session, I knew he'd follow up. So, I had to stop blaming my circumstances for my unhappiness. It was up to me to change them, and therapy forced me to confront that.

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2. I'm 100 percent truthful with myself.

I was consistently making excuses for why I wasn’t performing to my full capacity, and I needed help to break that pattern. My therapist helped me realize that if I wanted to make progress, I had to be 100 percent honest with myself. There was nowhere to hide because I had a partner in my accountability. Making commitments to personal growth out loud made me much more likely to meet those commitments.

3. I stopped self-sabotaging.

Before I started therapy, my life involved several self-sabotaging routines. I was weighing myself on a daily basis, consistently putting family and friends before my own well-being, and comparing myself to others via social media, thus exacerbating my own feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. Talking through what I was doing and why I was doing it with my therapist helped me realize I really needed to change my habits. And if I wasn’t willing to do that, I just wasn't willing to do what it really took to grow.

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4. I found the love of my life.

Just as in every other area of my life, as soon as I was willing to examine my behavioral patterns and self-sabotaging tendencies in relationships, I was able to take intentional action to change those patterns. Taking those steps catapulted me into a huge emotional growth spurt and helped me become the woman I needed to be to attract the kind of man I wanted to be with.

5. I turned my passion into my career.

Once I finally quit my dissatisfying corporate job, I knew I couldn’t stay in limbo forever. Before I knew it, I had only $300 in the bank, and my options were either to get another corporate gig or to take a chance on something I loved. I had entrepreneur parents and knew it had always been in my blood, but I had always told myself my ideas weren’t quite mature or feasible for true success. After I started therapy, I felt empowered to try. I started reaching out to people in my network and asking if anybody needed help. Within a few weeks, I realized that people were referring people in their networks to me. That’s when the idea of launching my own consulting business hit me. I realized that, at least for me, it was no longer about waiting for that perfect idea but taking a chance to move forward in the realm of spiritual and personal growth.

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