Is Hong Kong The World's Newest Wellness Destination?

Written by Nikita Ramchandani

Leaving the comfort of being enveloped by all things wellness in New York was so tough after I'd made it an important part of my lifestyle! So when I moved to Hong Kong I tried to seek a similar routine. I had no idea what the "scene" was like at first so was happily surprised by some of the hideaways in the city. I eventually opened up my own yoga studio, which was a huge step, and I went on several culinary, sweat-fueled, and relaxing adventures in order to find the crème de la crème of what Hong Kong's wellness scene has to offer. Here's what I found!


Kita Yoga.

Kita Yoga is a cozy neighborhood studio with a chill vibe, kind of like Sky Ting in New York. It's an inviting space with fun teachers who don’t take themselves too seriously (and make breakfast for their 6 a.m. peeps), eclectic playlists, creative and informative sequencing and healthy homemade treats—the perfect feel-good experience. Want to hang out here all day every day.

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XYZ Spin Studio is a sexy spin studio that's a therapy and sweat session all in just 50 minutes, much like FlyWheel and SoulCycle in the States. Check check.


This boutique fitness studio makes you push your limits. Think stair sprint intervals, air bike, squats, and burpees. Lots and lots of burpees.

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Mana Café.

This organic, raw, vegan, eco-friendly cafe has excellent buckwheat flats, lots and lots of za'atar topped with so much goodness. Let's not forget the vegan coco macadamia ice cream. Not only do they make their healthy offerings with love, but they're adamant about saving the earth by being thorough with recycling and skipping plastic altogether. Bring your own container here for a sweet little discount on your meal! PLUS, the chill and welcoming vibe means you will meet all your new friends here. I did!

Grassroots Pantry.

Even your cocktails have superfoods in them at this healing veggie joint that focuses on preparing healing meals with whole foods and catering to people with special dietary needs, like vegan and gluten-free.

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Café Deadend.

Cafe Deadend doesn't have a website, but it's the cutest little spot in the cutest little neighborhood. I ate the kale salad here every day for a month—kale, apple, sardines, hazelnuts, Parmesan, and mustard—and it was always on point. Not to mention it’s around the corner from Po’s Atelier, which has the best sourdough bread in HK.

Frantzén's Kitchen.

This one is technically a "cheat" on the healthy list, but Frantzén’s Kitchen is so yum. For a little something extra, give this Tai Ping Shan (most charming street in Hong Kong) spot a visit. With delicate, subtle flavors and quality ingredients, this place is definitely indulgent, but it's the good kind: fresh ingredients, local influence, and seasonal dishes make it an HK fave.

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Hiking on Dragon's Back and Suicide Cliff.

Hiking is one of the best aspects of living in Hong Kong. It feels like you’ve escaped the city even when you’re right in the center of it. It's also the best kind of exercise. Hikes on Dragon's Back (pictured above) and Suicide Cliff (down below) include so many stairs and steep uphill climbs that get your heart pumping.

Sai Kung.

Tai Long Wan Beach and Sheung Luk Stream are so different from American terrain and fantastic to visit while you're here.

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Pop-Up Dinners:

The pictures say it all, they make my mouth water every time! These pop-up dinners from Masalas and Olives and Sook by Mina Park are a dream. Sweet hosts make you feel comfortable if you're new to the city, and it's a great place to meet new people, eat lots of raw vegan food, and drink organic wine…what more could you want?

Buy Buy!

Caelum Greene.

You will want to buy everything from Caelum Greene, an alluring HK lifestyle boutique. They take athleisure to the next level, have an incredible lingerie selection, and also sell all-natural, eco-friendly beauty products.

Lane Crawford Fit Room.

The one of Hong Kong's biggest and trendiest department stores, Lane Crawford, has now dedicated an entire space to just activewear. It's every yogi, Pilates, HIIT, meditator, wellness person's happy place.



Samadhi is a community space to stop by and meditate whenever you please! Pro tip: Visit for crystal bowl meditations and themed guided meditations in the evenings for the best sleep.

Although the New York wellness scene is next level with an abundance of boutique fitness studios, mindfulness spaces, slow foods (oh Whole Foods, how I miss you), and so many vegan mylk options, Hong Kong is not far behind and is quickly catching up!

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