Hill Harper, Actor, Author & Philanthropist, On Battling Cancer—And Beating Barack Obama In Basketball

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Hill Harper is not your typical actor. He's used his degree from Harvard Law to author a shelf of self-help books and become a de facto source for all things motivation. (He even spoke about it at Revitalize last year!) His on-screen gravitas—you probably recognize him from CSI and Covert Affairs—is nothing compared to the poise, eloquence, and passion he exudes off-camera.

In this episode, Hill gets candid about his recent battle with cancer and fills us in on the holistic arsenal helping him physically and mentally recover. He dives into an incredible past that includes a cast of characters like Barack Obama and Gene Wilder, sharing how it has shaped him into the actor, author, and activist he is today. His insights are truly brilliant, so without further ado, we bring you Hill Harper.

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