Here's How Amazon's New Convenience Store Actually Works

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On Monday morning, Amazon finally put into action a plan it's been talking about for a year now: The retail giant opened its first no-checkout convenience store, Amazon Go, in Seattle, Washington.

The idea behind Amazon Go is to make it feel a lot like one-click ordering on its website. Customers can walk in, grab whatever they want, and walk out. While it may feel a little strange at first to walk out without paying, the idea is that artificial intelligence can detect exactly what the customer is buying and charge their account accordingly.

Amazon Go is a lot like your typical mini-mart, packed with snacks, to-go meals, and healthy items from Whole Foods. But while people typically view the mini-mart or supermarket experience as a bit of a time-suck, with Amazon Go the idea is that customers can skip the line and get back to whatever they were doing previously more quickly. Even if you don't have somewhere urgent to be, we're all familiar with how stressful standing in a long line can be—and Amazon is working to eliminate that.

While Amazon likely still has a few kinks to work out with its new convenience store, Amazon Go is only one of the many ways the company is expanding. Not only did Amazon buy Whole Foods in June, but they will potentially be selling prescription drugs soon.

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