Healthy Aging Month: How This Supplement Enhances Skin At The Cellular Level*

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It's Healthy Aging Month, and that's a sort of mission we can get behind around here. When we talk about healthy skin aging at mindbodygreen, we never take it from a reactionary standpoint: Aging is a natural thing that happens regardless of whether we want it to or not, and to fight it is to fight your own body. 

Instead, we believe that healthy aging requires growth in the understanding of your skin, how it should be best treated through the lens of longevity, and how to care for it instead of reacting to it. What do we mean by all this? Allow us to explain. 

Healthy aging is about the health of your cells. 

In skin care, we are taught to be reactive: We only tend to our skin when we can identify a problem that we want fixed. We see a blemish, and we reach for a spot treatment. A bad night's sleep warrants eye cream and concealer. Fine lines may even inspire invasive treatments. And by nature, these are short-term fixes—not necessarily designed to optimize skin health in the long run. 

Skin cells are only allowed to flourish as much as your body has the means to rejuvenate them. And while topicals and treatments can (and do!) help, they don't tend to the root of the matter: As we age, our skin cells lose vibrancy, energy, and slow down their turnover rate. To ensure your skin looks and feels its best as you age, you need to nourish skin at the cellular level. 


How you can best support cellular beauty.

Eating well, caring for your mind, and moving your body are all part of the overall effort to keep your skin in its best shape. But, often, our bodies need extra help, to enhance cellular health in ways that aren't possible through a normal diet or lifestyle. Enter: mindbodygreen's nr+.*

The revolutionary formula's namesake is nicotinamide riboside (NR), which is a form of vitamin B3. The nutrient, when ingested, turns into something called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+).* And NAD+—at least for healthy-aging researchers—is kind of a big deal. NAD+ is a natural coenzyme in our bodies that plays a vital role in energy metabolism and maintaining proper cell functioning. 

See, the enzyme plays a vital role in our mitochondria, or the parts of our cells that produce energy so said cell can do its job effectively. Without healthy mitochondria, our bodies cannot thrive. And levels of NAD+ also happen to decline significantly as we get older, and these declining levels apparently drive the aging process. 

That's the bad news. The good news is that studies have shown that taking an NR supplement, like mindbodygreen's, is clinically proven to enhance natural NAD+ in the body.* The result? Younger-acting, rejuvenated cells.

You should also approach skin health from several avenues. 

But skin is a complex organ, and to ensure you are tending to all its complexities, you should care for it wholly. That's why this formula doesn't just stop at NR, but it also includes several healthy-aging actives to promote supple, hydrated, bright skin. 

To start there's astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant that helps repair DNA damage from UV exposure, neutralizes free radicals, and can promote an internal glow.* It works in similar ways to other antioxidants, which donate one of their electrons to unstable free radicals, effectively neutralizing them. But that's not what makes it so special: To give you an idea of just how powerful, the free-radical-fighting effect of astaxanthin is up to 1,000 times higher than that of many of its fellow antioxidants.* 

As for hydration and elasticity, the formula contains phytoceramides.* Ceramides are a natural part of our skin and help support your skin barrier function. Without ceramides, which decline with age, our skin loses moisture and suppleness and fine lines can form. The phytoceramides used here are shown to help reverse this. In one study, participants with clinically dry skin who took a phytoceramide-rich wheat extract oil for three months saw up to a 35% improvement in skin hydration.* And you might not even have to wait that long for results; in one study, participants saw improved skin hydration after just 15 days.*

Finally, there's rhodiola, an adaptogen that neutralizes oxidative stress.* This wreaks havoc on the body and is a primary contributor to premature aging. Thus by limiting how much time our bodies spend in oxidative stress, we can help our cells perform better. 


The takeaway.

Ultimately, healthy aging is a journey that starts internally, when you feed your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. One way to do that is through smart supplementation.*


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