Guru Jagat On The Current Kundalini Craze & How Breathwork May Be Our Best Healing Tool

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With the release of mbg collective member Guru Jagat's new book, Invincible Living, some wellness newbies thought she was an "overnight success," but the reality is she's been practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga—check out her Kundalini 101 class on mbg—for over 20 years. She studied with Kundalini master Yogi Bhajan, who is thought to have brought Kundalini teachings to the Western world.

In this episode, we get a rare look at the behind-the-scenes version of how she became the woman and leader she is today. Guru opens up about her childhood, her affinity for punk rock, and how she found Kundalini. We also discuss life's big questions—what kind of healing do people really need in a distraught world? What keeps her up at night? And her advice to her younger self.

Whether you're interested in Kundalini or not, this episode's got something for everyone. From the struggles of entrepreneurship to simple pragmatic exercises that can help a bad day, Guru is authentic, entertaining, and so well-spoken. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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