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Shift Your Mindset On Consumption With This Guided Meditation

Alexa Gantous
mbg Contributor By Alexa Gantous
mbg Contributor
Alexa Gantous is a freelance environmental strategist and the co-founder of LitterRally, a mobile dancing trash pickup party. She is also the founder of TrashTalk Studio, a living lab through which she facilitates mindfulness workshops that help people re-frame the environmental crisis as an opportunity.
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What is one single-use item that you know is bad for the environment but use anyway? Chances are, there are quite a few—but which one comes to mind first?

Waste has become an almost inevitable consequence of daily life—the kind of collateral damage that most of us would rather not think about too much if we can avoid it. Yet, taking a closer look at our trash is the first step toward living a lower-waste life. It allows us to really consider our habits and take more responsibility for both our health and the health of the planet. 

This guided meditation calls on you to physically study a single-use item you just can't quit in order to get clear on its true value. So, about that object you just thought about? Go grab it, and get comfortable:

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