Good Things Can Happen During Mercury Retro & These 8 Stories Are Proof

mbg Senior Sustainability Editor By Emma Loewe
mbg Senior Sustainability Editor
Emma Loewe is the Sustainability Editor at mindbodygreen and the author of "The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide To Ancient Self Care."
8 Good Things that Happened During Mercury Retrograde | Astrology November 2019

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"Blame it on Mercury retrograde" is an unofficial motto of 2019. A three-week period when Mercury appears to move backward in the sky, in astrological speak it's synonymous with backwardness of all kinds: malfunctioning technology, wonky scheduling mishaps, miscommunications, and shot schedules.

It's easy to shrug off the Mercury mania as silly—until your computer charger dies, your Fitbit breaks, and you melt a ladle in your dishwasher all in the same day (hi). But according to mbg's resident astrologers The AstroTwins, there's more to Mercury retrograde than we give credit for. It can actually be a fortuitous time of year, if approached from the right perspective.

"Timing is everything! That saying perfectly sums up the 'good' in Mercury retrograde," Ophira Edut, one half of the celestial duo, explains. "Sometimes things that have been back-burnered or bottlenecked actually start to move forward during Mercury retrograde. A deal in progress that you forgot about, a relationship that drifted—Mercury retrograde can jostle people to revisit something that didn't seem like a fit at an earlier time. Maybe you were too quick to write it off or pass judgment? That second look can be where the magic is at while Mercury's in reverse."

So, in the name of remembering that smooth sailing is possible in Mercury's choppy waters, today we're sharing eight good things that happened to real people this retrograde cycle, which began on Halloween and officially ends today.

"I had been planning an event in a new city with no idea of how our guest turnout would be. Well, turns out we sold out and had a FULL house! Success!"

—Collette, events coordinator

"My husband and I traveled overseas for the first time with our baby. We took everything super slow and gave ourselves plenty of time and ended up having the best vacation with a calm and happy baby!"

—Leah, author and recipe developer

"My birthday was on Friday, November 1. Since I was planning on running the marathon two days later, I decided to push off birthday celebrations until after the race. On Saturday, November 2 I woke up with a horrible cold—my nose was running nonstop, my breathing felt tight, my throat was closed up. I truly thought I wouldn't be able to run the next day and my race and birthday would be ruined. But by some miracle, I woke up November 3 with my cold completely gone and was able to finish the race and celebrate with all my favorite people. Take that, Mercury!"

—June, occupational therapist

"My plane from Israel to Boston arrived early, so instead of having to wait three hours for my scheduled flight (11 a.m.) from Boston to Newark, I went through security and walked right on to the 7 a.m. flight right before they closed the doors, and I had a row all to myself."

—Jourdan, social media associate

"I was attempting to navigate my way to JFK airport via the subway for the first time. However, I was unaware that I was on the wrong line. A kind woman noticed my suitcase and asked if I was attempting to get to the airport. When I told her yes, she informed me that I was on the wrong train and told me to hop off and wait for the correct one. She saved me from a huge transportation blunder and a missed flight!"

—Kelsey, nutritionist

"I work with the families of incarcerated men and women. They have complicated lives, and it's not unusual for them to need to change or cancel appointments at the last minute. So when I was asked if some of my families would agree to be interviewed by a third party...and I couldn't be there or make the arrangements, I was realistic. Then, when I looked at the calendar and realized the interviews would take place during retrograde, I was even less confident of success. I waited in dread. So you can imagine my surprise when the interviewer called me last week to follow up and said the interviews went off without a hitch! It was everything she had hoped for—in spite of the calendar."

—Jasmine, nonprofit director

"November 2 marked the cumulation of nearly a year of running in nine races to get a guaranteed spot in 2020's NYC marathon. It's a big personal goal because I literally don't think I can pull this off, and I want the chance to prove to myself that, yeah, actually I can! Just finishing nine races already surprised me with what's achievable."

—Krista, branded content editor

"I've had four flights in the last week and zero delays."

—Ed, consultant

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