Gabrielle Union Wants You To Know That Being A Stepmom DOES Make Her A 'Real Mom'

Written by Leigh Weingus

In a world where nontraditional families are becoming the norm, there are still moments of backlash against parents who don't fit into the conventional mold of what a mom or dad looks like. Actress Gabrielle Union, who currently stars in Being Mary Jane, has experienced her fair share of it.

In a recent interview with InStyle, Union—who is a stepmom to three boys from her husband, Dwayne Wade—opened up about a negative comment she received on the trailer for her new film Breaking In, in which she plays a mother. "[When the trailer launched], I read one comment, the only negative comment, that was like 'Why did they pick her? She’s not a real mom.'" she says. "For all of us who have nontraditional families; for all of us who care for children that we did not birth, the nurturing and the care and the love will propel you to heights you didn’t think were possible."

Union, who has been open about her fertility struggles, adds that her stepsons aren't the only children she feels a powerful bond with. "I would move mountains for children I’ve never met before—that’s just the kind of person I am," she says. "So I think I speak for people who have birthed their children, adopted their children, had kids in every different kind of way you can have kids, family members who are taking care of other family members, older moms, younger moms… This movie is about the love of caregivers, the love of somebody who gives a sh— about the safety and sanctity of a child."

May Union's words serve as inspiration for all the caregivers out there.

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