This Is How The French Deal With Cellphone Addiction

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Over in France, study hall is about to get a lot more productive. The country's education minister, Jean-Michel Blanque, just announced a ban on cellphone use in all primary, junior, and middle schools, which span until children are 15 years old.

He explained the decision to a French news publication, Local, in saying, "These days, the children don’t play at break time anymore. They are just all in front of their smartphones, and from an educational point of view, that’s a problem."

The ban, which will go into effect in September 2018, will prohibit kids from using phones in classrooms or at breaks, lunchtimes, or between lessons. It's unclear how schools will enforce the rule, though (mentions of a giant lock box are being thrown around), and many parents are asking how feasible it is.

Logistics aside, Blanque sees the ban as a way to protect the mental health of students in an age when 93 percent of 12- to 17-year-olds in France own a mobile phone. He also hopes it will cut down on cyberbullying. Technology and social media continue to contribute to our stress, depression, and anxiety, and mbg forecasted a shift away from mindless phone use in our 2018 wellness trends. This news only reinforces the fact that communities worldwide are beginning to forge healthier relationships with technology.

France is proving a global trendsetter out of the classroom too. Check out the major progress they're making in the sustainability space.

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