Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Using Mushrooms For Gut Health, Immunity & More

Photo by Miachel Breton

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Tero Isokauppila has been foraging for mushrooms for pretty much his entire life, from when he grew up on the Finnish farm that's been in his family for 13 (!!) generations to, well, right after this interview, when he was off to Central Park to see what fungi he could find.

The founder of Four Sigmatic, the powdered mushroom company that's become the obsession of the wellness world, sat down with me to dive deep into medicinal mushrooms. We talk about what mushrooms actually are (turns out, they're not a plant or an animal) and the history of mushrooms being used therapeutically. He walks us through the four main types of therapeutic mushrooms, sharing what each one is especially good for. He also shares some impressive studies and statistics (did you know, for instance, that 40 percent of pharmaceuticals are derived from mushrooms?) and the dangerous mistake many people make when it comes to mushrooms.

Finally, we dive into his own wellness habits, from the diet he follows to the simple hack he uses to make any supplement he takes more bioavailable. If you're curious about this new wellness trend (which is quickly becoming a wellness staple), this is a must-listen episode.

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