6 Things You Need To Know Today (February 9, 2018)

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1. Thanks to rising obesity rates, Chile has new sugar regulations in place.

Chile is hard at work against the war on obesity, and one of their big moves is letting consumers know just how much sugar and fat are in the products they're consuming. "It’s hard to overstate how significant Chile’s actions are—or how hard it has been to get there in the face of the usual pressures,” Stephen Simpson, director of the Charles Perkins Centre, an organization of scholars focused on nutrition and obesity science and policy, explained. (NYT)

2. Here's yet another reason we need to clean up our air.

A new study finds that beyond being bad for our respiratory health, polluted air may make us act irrationally and immorally. Researchers think that it's because air pollution increases anxiety, which can cause us to act out. (EurekaAlert)

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3. The 2018 Gerber spokesbaby was just selected.

And the award goes to a 1-year-old baby boy named Lucas, who has Down syndrome. The winning photo—of Lucas rocking a polka dot bow tie—was posted on Instagram by his mom. (Washington Post)

4. There's a right way and a wrong way to cancel plans.

According to research by Gili Freedman, who studies social rejection, it's best to limit the number of times you cancel on a friend. If you must bail, be honest ("I'm not feeling up for it" is better than "Something came up"), non-self-deprecating (no saying "I am the worst!"), and reiterate that you'll be there next time. Bonus points if you cancel over the phone and not over text. If you can't truly say that you'll be there for your friend the next time she needs you, it's time to get better at saying no to plans up front—and potentially reevaluate your friendship. (The Cut)

5. If you have positive beliefs surrounding aging, it may lower your dementia risk.

Even if you have high-risk genetics, changing your mindset surrounding aging could do wonders for your dementia risk. According to new research out of Yale University and the National Institute on Aging, people who have positive feelings around aging may be less prone to dementia. (Newsweek)

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6. Yet another Olympic athlete has come forward with allegations of sexual abuse.

Olympic swimmer Ariana Kukors came forward with sexual assault allegations against Sean Hutchinson, a national coach for USA Swimming. "I never thought I would share my story because, in so many ways, just surviving was enough," Kukors said. "I was able to leave a horrible monster and build a life I could have never imagined for myself. But in time, I’ve realized that stories like my own are too important to go unwritten." (The Cut)

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