6 Things You Need To Know Today (February 2, 2018)

Written by Leigh Weingus

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1. Standing desks help you burn calories—but not that many of them.

A new research project analyzed over 700 different studies on standing versus sitting during the workday and found that standers burned about 54 more calories per day. This isn't a lot, but if you do the math, it could lead to a 22-pound weight loss over a four-year period. (Bloomberg)

2. Plogging is the latest Swedish wellness trend that'll take 2018 by storm.

Picking up plastic while you're jogging is a healthy, environmentally friendly habit that started in Sweden and, thanks to social media, is taking the world by storm. Aptly named "plogging," it was born of growing concern over plastic levels in our oceans. This is exactly the kind of multitasking we can get behind! (mindbodygreen)

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3. Copays are a real barrier to mammograms for women.

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that mammogram screenings have increased since the Affordable Care Act eliminated copays for the procedure, helping more women access potentially lifesaving care. (New England Journal of Medicine)

4. Do you live in one of the healthiest states?

Health insurances companies just released a list of the country's healthiest and least healthy states. In Montana and Wyoming, for instance, only 5.7 percent of life insurance applicants had a health issue; meanwhile, in North Dakota, 12.4 percent of applicants had a health problem (and a far greater likelihood of smoking, having diabetes, and being depressed). How does your state rank? (digg)

5. Despite what the president says, climate change is putting the U.S. at risk.

A new study by the Pentagon shows that nearly half of the 3,500 American military bases could be damaged by extreme weather events driven by climate change. "If extreme weather makes our critical facilities unusable or necessitates costly or manpower-intensive workarounds, that is an unacceptable impact," the report read. (The Guardian)

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6. Feeling anxious about growing older? Consider taking charge of your money.

According to a new study from Hiroshima University, when people take financial literacy seriously, they're less likely to feel anxious about getting older. In other words, take the time to learn about how to save and invest—and then do it. Your future self will thank you. (EurekaAlert!)

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