Holiday Travel Advice From Someone Who Flies 200,000 Miles A Year

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mbg Sustainability Editor
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With 200,000 flight miles logged last year alone, Jen Rubio knows her way around an airplane. The co-founder and chief creative officer of Away luggage has forged a career making flying less of a hassle (the idea for the company came to her when all of her clothes spilled out of her suitcase in an airport in Switzerland), so we snagged some of her top tips to get through holiday travel season.

On her in-flight essentials.

Rubio is sure to keep a holistic arsenal on-hand during every flight. "Essential oils are key for me, and the Vitruvi Balance roll-on keeps me calm and focused, and I never have to worry about it spilling while I’m on-the-go. Supplements are crucial for keeping my immune system in check, and I’m a big fan of Four Sigmatic Chaga Elixir because they make individual packs that are easy to throw in your bag and mix with water or whatever liquid you have on hand," she says. She'll also keep on a pair of Bose noise-canceling headphones. "Even if I’m not listening to music, it helps to block out all of the unpleasant noises you encounter on a plane."

Staying hydrated and nourished in the air is also key. She'll always fly with a healthy snack like almonds, a reusable water bottle, and a hydrating face mist and good lotion.

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On packing like a minimalist.

Though she doesn't consider herself a light packer, there are a few luggage organization hacks that help her squeeze everything into her carry-on. "I stay organized with packing cubes because they basically act as your drawers on the road." Adopting a travel uniform of sorts has also saved her time and headaches. "I’m a big proponent of only packing things I know and love that can work seamlessly with one another. At the end of the day, I want to spend as much time focusing on making the most out of wherever I am, not digging around my bag because I can’t find something or stressing because whatever I packed isn’t living up to the vision I had in my head."

On dealing with time changes and jet lag.

When it comes to beating jet lag, Rubio's advice is simple: Eat breakfast like a local. "If I’m on an overnight flight where I arrive in the morning local time, I eat breakfast as soon as I can, even if it’s 2 a.m. my time. It’s an easy trick to transition into the right time zone, and it will give you the energy to tackle a full day of exploring!"

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On the joys of traveling.

Though Rubio can attribute frequent-flyer status to her job, she finds a lot of personal fulfillment on the road too. She makes a point to explore her surroundings whenever she can and pushes herself to be fully present and inspired by the places she visits. "I think that when you’re traveling right—when you’re able to be truly and completely present in a new place—you open up the possibility of experiencing incredible personal growth. When you’re traveling, you’re open to whatever might be in store for you; you aren’t overly concerned with what’s coming next, and you aren’t trying to control the little things. In the best case, there’s that 'a-ha!' moment that, in the bigger picture, helps to shape who you really are."

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