Everything You Need To Know About The Most Wellness-Centric Royal Wedding Ever

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Everything You Need To Know About The Most Wellness-Centric Royal Wedding Ever

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding is only a day away, and the whole world is buzzing over this fairy-tale union—especially the wellness world. Why? Because nearly everything about the duo's wedding is wellness-centric, from the flowers they decided to use to how Markle got her picture-perfect posture.

Intrigued? Here are your must-reads ahead of Saturday's festivities.

"Why We're Applauding Meghan & Harry's Wedding Flowers"

They're sustainable, and we're into that. This piece will help you take a cue from the royals and give you insight into how to source sustainable flowers for any big (or small) events you have coming up.

"The Green Beauty Products Meghan Markle May Wear At The Royal Wedding"

Does it come as any surprise that Markle opts for eco-friendly, nontoxic products whenever she can? With her steadfast love of wellness, not really. Here's the scoop on the green beauty products she may wear on her big day.

"How Meghan Markle Achieved Her Royal-Wedding Posture"

How does she roll her shoulders down and back with such ease? Pilates could have a little something to do with it. Here, Pilates expert Erika Bloom shares exactly which poses Markle used to get her wedding-ready posture.

"Everything Wellness-Centric Meghan Markle Is Doing To Prepare For Her Wedding"

Yep, Markle is a wellness lover—and her visits to London's many wellness hot spots are proof of that. Find out which training studios, spas, and yoga studios she frequented ahead of her wedding.

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