The Tried-And-True Green Beauty Mask Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz Can't Get Enough Of

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Drew Barrymore has been known to enjoy a retreat circuit in Tulum, her book Wildflower has a decidedly spiritual bent to it, and her Instagram account has become beauty-heavy enough to warrant beauty influencer status. It's safe to say she's no stranger to the wellness scene—in fact, she's a longtime devotee. Her affordable, cruelty-free line of makeup, fragrances, and skin care, Flower Beauty, has been around since 2012 and continues to expand, most recently into Walmart stores.

Like any good beauty enthusiast, she tries new products all the time and shares her discoveries. Last weekend, she posted a boomerang with pal Cameron Diaz sporting a natural beauty staple, a classic honey mask like a woman after mbg's own heart! Barrymore chose an enhanced honey product from Beekeeper's Naturals that includes not only honey but propolis, royal jelly, and bee pollen called Bee Powered. "Saturday mask @beekeepers_naturals tastes good too! Great anti aging, anti acne and anti oxidants and hydrating. It’s what’s up! #girlfriendactivity #weekendcare #thankyoubees #notstickyatall #eatingitoffmyface," Barrymore wrote in her caption. Get it, girl.

On its "About" page, Beekeeper's Naturals explains how the harvest process is bee-friendly and that their partnership with North American bee research institutions the University of California–Davis Bee Research Facility and the Canadian Honey Council is all in the name of saving the bees. A number of bee species are now endangered thanks to climate change, which affects way more than our ability to get honey. Bees play a major role in agriculture, biodiversity, and are an instrumental part of the ecosystem. Without them, certain plants and foods (like almonds) would cease to exist and what we eat would change drastically as a consequence.

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The mbg community understands the power of honey. From using it as effective hormonal-acne-fighting face wash, a cystic-acne-clearing mask, and many other healthy healing accolades, it's no surprise that honey has become a key, trending ingredient in many skin care products and brands, alongside other bee derivatives like propolis and royal jelly.

A word of caution before you order the product: It should be noted that the label advises people with asthma or severe allergies to pollen or bee products not to use it. Studies have shown that royal jelly and other bee products may have adverse effects and can trigger asthma attacks or other issues. When in doubt, ask your doctor whether it's a good addition to your skin or supplement regimen.

Want more bee-saving ideas? Check out this very easy four-item checklist.

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