The Crystal Rituals That Will Amplify Your Astrological Potential This June

Crystal expert By Heather Askinosie
Crystal expert
Heather Askinosie is an author and leading influencer on the power of crystals.
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In this series, Heather Askinosie, the holistic healer behind Energy Muse, shares her advice on how to harness the power of crystals to fulfill your astrological destiny. She’ll work off monthly forecasts from the AstroTwins, forming one heck of a spiritual duo. Get ready to cleanse that celestite and hold tight to that tourmaline because you’re about to see crystals in a whole new way.

School may be out for summer, but the universe still has much to teach us! If you were one of the kids who always got in trouble for talking during class, it's time to rejoice as the sun’s annual visit to fun-loving Gemini lends you the cosmic encouragement to chat it up.

As the AstroTwins told us, June is a time to tap into things that inspire you and make the time to connect with like-minded people. Embrace your free-spirited and whimsical nature with an Aura Spirit Quartz crystal. Place a piece on your bedroom nightstand and let its opalescent rainbow hues serve as a reminder that when you're aligned with the right tribe, life can feel like it's full of blessings and magic.

This month, it's important to keep in mind that Gemini is also ruled by the jokester, Mercury. To avoid getting caught in a chain of miscommunication, do your research and don't buy into everything you read and hear about. Make sure to stay true to your own beliefs rather than taking on someone else's. Place a piece of hematite over your root chakra for 11 minutes and breathe in and out through your nose. This crystal is both grounding and stabilizing, and focusing on it can help calm your emotions and cease mental chaos. This simple technique is thought to shift your energy quickly and help you discern the real from the fake.

June 4: Mars in Cancer

Fiery Mars moves into sensitive cancer on June 4. Use this passage to address conflicts openly with friends, family, and co-workers. Instead of seething silently, tap into the energy of bronzite, a grounding stone, to restore harmony in your relationships. Then, when Neptune is in retrograde from June 16 to November 22, disengage from draining relationships by weeding out the ones that have run their course. Meditate with a fuchsite crystal that contains red garnet as it combines the tough love realizations of fuchsite and the uninhibited whimsy of red garnet. With its help, you can remove the guilt that may have prevented you from parting ways with an old reality that no longer fits who you have become.


June 9: Jupiter in Libra

The AstroTwins told us that October 9 ends a yearlong Jupiter-in-Libra phrase so use the next four months to mentally review your intentions and dreams. Consider the tail end of this cycle your time to find balance. If your goals have gotten slightly off track, hit the reset button. If anything isn't working, implement a plan to make the changes needed for a positive transformation. Hold on to a sunset aura quartz point, and meditate with it. See a flame of light surrounding your body, burning up unwanted energy like fear, doubt, and anything that holds you back.

June 16: Mars-Neptune trine

The healing Mars-Neptune trine on June 26 reminds us that nothing was ever solved with violence or conflict. Keep in mind the Martin Luther King Jr. quote that the AstroTwins shared ("Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend") and wear some rose quartz to feel the love as you channel your energy toward the greater good. This month, work on clear communication and look out for signs from the universe that you are on the right path.

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