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A Practical Ritual To Harness The Aries New Moon

mbg Contributor By Alexandra Roxo
mbg Contributor
Alexandra Roxo is the co-founder of Moon Club, a global monthly mentorship program dedicated to women's empowerment and moon rituals and a transformational coach and healer.
A Practical Ritual For Harnessing The Aries New Moon

Image by Alexander Grabchilev / Stocksy

The other night I was in a car with two of my best friends, on the way to a silent art walk in LA, and I said out loud, "I am nervous to go to this workshop because of how beautiful and successful I currently feel. What if people don't like me because of that?" I had never said those words out loud, and it felt terrifying. 

My friend Betsy turned back to look at me, and I said, "OK, that was a test!! I wanted to practice saying that I was beautiful and successful out loud with you guys to confront my own edge around claiming out loud that I am beautiful and successful!" She replied, "It felt so good and so freeing to hear you say that. I have NEVER heard you say anything like that about yourself." 

This is the energy of an Aries New Moon: It's time to embrace and celebrate yourself and stop playing small.

How to build yourself up (in public!) with the new moon.

I know that it's terrifying to claim your amazingness. It's so much easier to be annoyed with yourself or self-critical. Self-deprecating humor is embedded into our systems and is a completely culturally acceptable way of defaming ourselves constantly and publicly. 

Why is making fun yourself sometimes easier than building yourself up? How can you tell others that they are beautiful all the time but never extend the same praise to yourself?

We are living in a world of constant contradictions, and this new moon I am challenging you to begin to rewrite this tired old narrative that we are supposed to always be "in process" or "not good enough." Aries, as the zodiac sign of "me," is the perfect opportunity to radically love yourself—and be witnessed doing so.

Because there is a difference between staring at yourself in the mirror and saying, "Wow, you are an incredible writer!" and stepping into a workshop and saying, "Hi, I am Alexandra, and I am an amazing writer."


Use this exercise to rewrite the taboo.

Get out some paper and a pen. Journal and answer the following questions:

  • What is the most amazing thing about you?
  • What is the second most amazing thing?
  • Have you ever told the people you love how much you love these things?
  • Why not?
  • Who is the scariest person in your life to announce your awesomeness to? DO NOT SKIP THIS.
  • Can you commit to in this lunar cycle getting over your fear of being seen in your full awesomeness?

Then, try these rituals, which I'll be doing over at Moon Club, throughout the month to get over this fear.

  1. Post a photo of yourself that you love, and DO NOT write a self-deprecating caption or a caption about anything to do with your suffering.
  2. Text or voice note a bestie and say three things you love about yourself.
  3. Write a letter to yourself describing in detail how amazing you are.
  4. Say in front of that "scary" person how you are beautiful, successful, or whatever adjective applies to you.

I always thought that admitting I was beautiful to other women might make them get hurt—so I hid away that confident part of myself for many years. And then I realized that first off, everyone is beautiful in their own way, and celebrating yourself allows those around you to do the same.

So, my dear, come out of hiding. Challenge yourself to celebrate you and be seen as you. After you say how great you are, do not add a "but" statement. Just sit. Pause. Take a breath. Feel how scary and weird and awkward that may have been. Or perhaps how easy! And keep on doing it.

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