Cannabis Oil & Gratitude Journals: The Suitcase Essentials This Yogi Never Travels Without

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mbg Sustainability Editor
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In our new Suitcase Lookbook series, we’ll ask wellness leaders to open their travel bags and reveal the essentials that keep them grounded, energized, and glowy on all their travels. Today, we’re asking LA-based yogi Caley Alyssa for her high-vibe must-packs.

Ever since she quit her desk job to pursue a career more aligned with her passions, Caley has been moving non-stop. These days, she's sharing her playful approach to vinyasa to the masses by teaching private clients, leading retreats, and heading up events across the country.

Yet through all that flying, driving, and downward dog, she always appears calm, collected, and centered. The last time Caley stopped by the mbg office, she opened her travel bag to revealed her on-the-go arsenal. Here, she spills the story behind her essentials.

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1. Cannabis oil:

I found Archipelago cannabis oil at a cool spot on the Lower East Side of NYC called the Alchemist's Kitchen. I've always wanted to try CBD oil, and this one came highly recommended. It's been helpful with my lower back pain and an old shoulder injury.

2. Saje oils:

I use this pack of essential oil blends for pain relief, stress management, digestion, and immunity all the time. The immunity blend is good for right after you sneeze, and I love it when I fly too.

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3. A refreshing beauty routine:

I'll freshen up with Alaffia coconut lip balm, and some vitamin C oil all over my face.

4. Mucuna pruriens powder:

I put Sun Potion mucuna pruriens (a tropical bean with mood-boosting properties) in my hot tea in the morning or add it to my smoothie whenever I can. I'm a huge adaptogen fan and also experiment with tocos, ashwagandha, schisandra, reishi mushrooms, and eleuthero.

Photo: Miachel Breton / mbg Creative

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5. Comfy clothes:

My favorite travel clothes are my Free People overalls, ALO Yoga parachute pants, my secondhand Levi's, Bryr clogs, and the occasional Christy Dawn or Reformation dress in case things get fancy.

6. A gratitude journal:

I always keep a couple of journals with me. This one is for anything that come to mind, and my other one is strictly for positive affirmations like "I am a magnet for miracles." I will repeat the phrase over and over until the page is full.

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7. Natural deodorant and toothpaste:

Weleda wild rose deodorant & SV Ayurveda herb-rich toothpaste are go-to's for portable personal care, and they totally work for me! I really am obsessed with the deodorant; it smells like perfume to me!

8. A great scent:

I'm addicted to the Santal 33 scent, so I take it with me no matter where I go.

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9. A fun makeup bag:

I use a plastic-lined bag from Artisan Revival to take my makeup on the go.

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