Bulletproof Founder Dave Asprey Talks About Why He Thinks Kale Is Bad For You & How He Plans To Live To 180 Years Old

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When Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey stopped by the mbg office in his blue-light blocking glasses, I knew we were in for a special podcast—and I was right. Dave is the founder of the Bulletproof diet, and the Bulletproof line of products. He's also the author of a number of best-selling books, including The Bulletproof Diet and the upcoming Gamechangers.

On this episode, Dave shares his personal health story and how he went from weighing 300 pounds, with brain fog, low energy, and general lack of health, to the healthy, fit person he is today. Then we get into some of the current health hot topics, discussing whether coconut oil is, indeed, pure poison (spoiler alert: it's not, but it's far more complicated than you think).

I ask him to predict the future of what's going to be on your grocery store shelves, and he shares where he thinks the food industry is going, and the mega-healthy nut that he's obsessed with, but no one's heard of.

He talks about why he thinks kale is terrible for you, and the dark leafy green that he recommends people eat instead. He also ranks his favorite green vegetables, his favorite fruits, and favorite nuts. He also analyzes the positives and pitfalls of vegan, paleo, and more diets.

We also get into how measure gratitude, the positive function of gratitude in your daily lives, what he does when he's having a bad day or feeling off, and who he goes to for spiritual guidance. Finally (whew!), we talk about the dangers of mold, and how to actually test for it. This is an unmissable podcast if you're interested in optimizing your health or life!

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