8 Wellness Superstars Reveal Their Favorite Hikes In The World

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Lace up your hiking boots and fill up your water bottle: The days are long, the weather is warm, and the trails and trees are calling your name. No summer is complete without some form of hiking—whether that means a day trip or a weekend spent nestled in the mountains—but narrowing down the best trails out there can be difficult.

Because we're always in pursuit of a new trail to hit, we called upon members of the mbg community who have a particular love of fitness and the outdoors to find out which hikes they find especially beautiful and invigorating. Here are their picks for the best hikes in the world:

1. Paseo Miramar Trail, California.

"What makes a good hike? Nice views. Good scenery. Great company. That's why I love Paseo Miramar in The Palisades. I love being able to take friends there because it's so close to me. If you start at sunrise, you can get high enough to see the sun rising over LA. You may see a deer as well as you get closer to the peak overlooking the Pacific Ocean."

Todd McCullough, TMAC Fitness founder and mbg class instructor.

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2. Rila Mountains, Bulgaria.

"My favorite hike in the world is the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria. I go once a year, and it's absolutely gorgeous—I'm obsessed."

Koya Webb, health and fitness coach, yoga and meditation teacher.

3. Solstice Canyon, Los Angeles.

"I love Solstice Canyon. I used to hike it regularly when I lived in LA. There’s an epic rock head that looks like an eagle, some beautiful ruins, a great creek, and just enough burn on the legs!"

Kathryn Budig, world-renowned yoga teacher and mbg class instructor.

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4. The Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah.

"My favorite hike is The Narrows in Zion National Park. I hiked it last summer with my two kids, Drew and Audrey, and my husband. We were totally present for six hours because the hike is in the river, so it was the perfect balance of being both playful and strenuous as we navigated boulders, the current, and the narrow walls of the canyon."

Sadie Lincoln, Barre3 founder and mbg class instructor.

5. The Middle Teton, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

"Nothing beats The Middle Teton, Grand Teton National Park, in Wyoming. It's not quite as difficult and treacherous as the Grand Teton, but the views are just as stunning. Scrambling through boulder fields with rocks as big as cars is a blast, and the rocks all shine like diamonds in the sun because of the various crystals in the granite. It's challenging, breathtaking, and magical."

Brock Cannon, author and vegan triathlete.

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6. Kalalau Trail, Napali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii.

"My favorite hike (and run) is the Kalalau Trail on the Napali Coast of Kauai. There's no more beautiful place on planet earth!

Rich Roll, Ironman champion and mbg class instructor.

7. Plain of Six Glaciers, Banff, Canada.

"The hike starts at Lake Louise. I love this hike because, unlike any other we have done, it takes you to a teahouse, where you can enjoy a delicious soup or lunch and top it off with the world's best brownie, banana bread, and hot tea before you get back out on the hiking trail.

"We did the full-day hike, and this teahouse stop was one of our favorite parts. The hike we did was called the Plain of Six Glaciers. Then entire circuit is 14.5 kilometers. We dipped our toes in one of the lakes toward the end to revitalize our feet and were ready to go."

Kelsey Patel, empowerment coach & Reiki instructor.

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8. Trans-Catalina Trail, Catalina Island, California.

"My favorite hike is the Trans-Catalina Trail on Catalina Island. It covers about 2,000 feet of vertical elevation, and it has the most ethereal, breathtaking views."

Caroline Burckle, Olympic swimmer and gold medalist.

Want to take a hike this summer? Here's how to make it more eco-friendly, and these are the most beautiful hikes in the world.

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