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4 Best CBD Creams For Neuropathy Pain

August 28, 2023
Written by
Brooke V.
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cbd cream for neuropathy pain
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August 28, 2023
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The best CBD Creams for neuropathy pain:

Neuropathic pain can be incredibly debilitating. Caused by nerve damage, the pain can range from a burning sensation to entire numbness of a certain area. Given the potential soothing benefits of hemp, many people turn to CBD creams as part of their pain-relief strategy. 

Research on the effects of CBD on neuropathy is limited, but animal research is promising. A 2012 study on rats found that rats with nerve injuries exhibited less sensitivity to pain when injected with CBD.

Another small study1 explored the effects of topical CBD oil application in people with neuropathy. Those who applied the CBD oil for four weeks reported a significant reduction in intense pain, sharp pain, and cold and itchy sensations compared to a placebo group.

In light of these developments, we've compiled a list of the top CBD creams. Through an in-depth analysis of ingredients, potency, user reviews, and overall effectiveness, we've selected the best of the best. You can't go wrong with any of these picks.

How we picked

When selecting the five best CBD creams for neuropathy pain, we considered several key factors to ensure a comprehensive evaluation. Here are three points we focused on during the selection process:


We carefully examined the ingredients of each CBD cream, prioritizing those that contained high-quality, organic hemp-derived CBD. We also looked for additional ingredients known for their potential to provide relief for neuropathy pain, such as arnica, menthol, or essential oils with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Our goal was to identify creams with a well-rounded blend of ingredients that work synergistically to target neuropathic discomfort effectively.


The potency of the CBD creams was another crucial factor in our selection process. We considered the concentration of CBD in each product, ensuring that it was potent enough to potentially offer significant relief for neuropathy pain. While individual preferences may vary, we focused on creams with a concentration that is generally considered effective for addressing neuropathic symptoms.

User Reviews and Effectiveness

To gauge the real-world effectiveness of the CBD creams, we analyzed user reviews and feedback from individuals who have used them to manage neuropathy pain. We took into account their experiences, testimonials, and overall satisfaction with the product. This helped us identify creams that consistently received positive feedback and demonstrated a track record of providing relief and improved quality of life for individuals with neuropathy.

By considering these three key points—ingredients, potency, and user reviews—we ensured a comprehensive evaluation process to identify the five best CBD creams for neuropathy pain. Our aim was to provide individuals with reliable options that have the potential to effectively alleviate their neuropathic discomfort.

Best Calming Scent: Penguin CBD Cream

penguin cbd cream for neuropathic pain
Image by Penguin CBD
  • Type: Broad-spectrum
  • Potency: 250 mg of CBD
  • Size: 4 oz
  • Cost per mg of CBD: $0.22
  • COAs: Yes 
  • Subscription discount: Yes

Pros: Nongreasy, cooling sensation

Cons: Some people may not enjoy the peppermint scent

Penguin CBD Cream has a rich texture but doesn't leave behind a greasy residue. It's formulated with peppermint and tea tree oil, which give it a refreshing scent and produce a cooling sensation upon application. It contains broad-spectrum hemp CBD—which contains CBD and other potentially beneficial compounds of the hemp plant—but is free from THC.

Best Isolate: Medterra Rapid Relief Recovery Roll On

medterra rapid recovery roll-on
Image by Medterra
  • Type: Isolate
  • Potency: 250 mg of CBD, 500 mg of CBD, 1,000 mg of CBD
  • Size: 2 oz
  • Cost per mg of CBD: $0.09
  • COAs: Yes 
  • Subscription discount: Yes

Pros: Simple application keeps hands clean, contains arnica and menthol

Cons: Not as easy to control how much you use

If you dislike the effort of rubbing in lotion, you'll love this CBD cream's roll-on applicator. It allows you to massage away localized pain without getting your hands greasy. In addition to broad-spectrum hemp CBD, it contains arnica to reduce inflammation, as well as menthol—a common ingredient in pain-relief creams due to its analgesic or pain-relieving properties.

Best Vegan Option: Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub

Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub
Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub
Image by Populum
  • Type: Full spectrum
  • Potency: 100 mg of CBD
  • Size: 3 oz
  • Cost per mg of CBD: $0.45
  • COAs: Yes
  • Subscription discount: Yes

Pros: Travel-friendly, free shipping on all orders

Cons: Squeeze tube makes it difficult to use up all of the product

This cooling cream has full-spectrum hemp CBD, i.e., it contains CBD alongside other cannabinoids, including up to 0.3% THC by dry weight. The formula also includes arnica and aloe vera, which has been linked to anti-inflammatory properties. Made in the U.S., Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub is also vegan and paraben-free.

Best High Strength: CBDistillery CBDol Topical CBD Salve

CBDistillery CBDol CBD Balm
Image by CBDistillery
  • Type: Full-spectrum
  • Potency: 500 mg of CBD
  • Size: 1 oz 
  • Cost per mg of CBD: $0.10
  • COAs: Yes
  • Subscription discount: Yes

Pros: Easy to apply, 30% discount & free shipping with subscription

Cons: Higher starting price point

CBDistillery CBDol Topical Salve is a thick balm, so it's less messy than CBD lotions. It contains a high strength of full-spectrum hemp CBD extracted from hemp grown in the U.S. Reviewers love using the balm to soothe various types of pain and discomfort.

ProductCostCost Per Oz of CBDPotencySizeSubscription option
Penguin CBD Cream$55.00$0.06250mg4oz TRUE
Medterra Rapid Relief Recovery Roll On$24.99$0.05250mg2ozTRUE
Receptra Naturals CBD Cream$71.99$0.04800mg2.5ozFALSE
Populum Cold Therapy Hemp Rub$36.00$0.12100mg3ozTRUE
CBDistillery CBDol Topical$50.00$0.10500mg1ozTRUE


If you're dealing with neuropathic pain, these CBD creams are worth a try. They stand out from other options due to their ingredients, potency, user reviews, and overall effectiveness. Each cream provides unique benefits and rapid absorption for targeted relief. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications, consult with your doctor before starting a supplement routine. It is always optimal to consult with a health care provider when considering what supplements are right for you.

Brooke V.

This content is produced in collaboration with an advertising partner and follows mindbodygreen’s editorial guidelines. The content is written by a third party. Statements are not fact-checked by a medical expert.