What Your Go-To Breakfast Says About Your Personality

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​You can tell a lot about a person based on what and how they eat—I, for example, start every. single. day. with a green smoothie and will feel like something is “off” if I ever miss it, while Gretchen, our health editor, eats unsweetened yogurt with nuts and berries most days. Our features editor, Elizabeth, has three or four things she rotates between to mitigate boredom. Curious what your go-to breakfast says about you? Read on.


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If you start your day with a smoothie, you're into fast and easy ways to become your healthiest self. You're a person who goes for the latest supplements, who likes hacking your workouts so they're the most efficient in their benefits for your body. You prefer order in your life, even to the extent of rigidity. Try switching up your smoothie flavors, playing around with different greens, proteins, fats, and add-ins. Make your morning smoothie session a bit more of ritual, so you can enjoy the process rather than banging everything into a blender and being on your way.

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You like to feel good and are willing to take the extra time to make that so. Whether you're prepping hard-boiled eggs en masse or whipping up a scramble in the morning, you like to start your day with a heady dose of protein, so you have the energy to tackle your job, which is likely more high-intensity (whether it's physically or mentally). Try shaking up your egg routine with an almond butter and collagen-packed smoothie or by adding in some chia pudding—both equally quick, easy, and protein-dense but with some flavor variation that'll make you excited to jump out of bed in the morning and tackle your day.

Overnight oats/chia pudding:

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You're a planner—you sleep better knowing that your breakfast is sitting in the fridge, waiting for you in the morning. While some might call you anal, you're also the person anyone wants around in a crisis (yes, you have Band-Aids in your bag—and tea tree oil and turmeric pain pills, too). You can switch up your breakfast while still having that peace of mind by making some freezer frittatas. In a large muffin cup, add in some cooked vegetables (whatever you have in the fridge) and top with beaten pastured eggs and some salt and pepper. Bake at 375°F until brown on top, then pop out of muffin tins and store in the fridge (if you're eating that week) or freezer (if you'd like to last longer).

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Intermittent fasting/no breakfast:

You're a trendy one, aren't you? Always reading up on studies, listening to podcasts, and looking for the newest, latest ways to become your healthiest self, you've jumped on the intermittent fasting train and, as a result, don't eat breakfast at all. Just make sure you examine how each trend you try—including intermittent fasting—really works for your unique biology rather than trusting in science (which is a good jumping-off point but by no means the whole story). If you're constantly hungry and tired when fasting, give yourself permission to have a smoothie or some eggs in the morning. Experiment. See how you feel. The best test of any trend's efficacy is the results in your body.

Just a coffee:

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Hey, busy bee! You run out the door with just a coffee or tea in your hand, and your brain has been go-go-going since the moment you woke up. You're a big dreamer, making plans and working furiously to execute them, and while that's amazing—it's people like you who contribute some of the greatest innovations to the world—make sure you make time for self-care. If your body truly thrives on just coffee in the morning, that's great—but if you're doing it because you don't have time to make a satiating, satisfying breakfast, it might not be the best choice. Try waking up 20 minutes earlier a few mornings next week and see how your day feels when it begins on a more leisurely note, incorporating a breakfast that sounds truly delicious and exciting.

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You might be a little bit old-school. Be honest with yourself—how long has yogurt been your go-to breakfast? Yes, it's rich in probiotics (although be sure you're buying something with live active cultures!), but there are so many fun, super-healthy breakfast options available these days. Bring your breakfast into the modern era by trying out some of the new yogurts on the market (coconut and almond milk versions or savory flavors!), and while you're at it, play around with some other modern food innovations. Froth some fat into your tea or coffee. Sprinkle some matcha on your yogurt. See how fun it is to shake things up?

Warm oatmeal:

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You like a little comfort in your morning, the gastronomic equivalent of a warm hug. You're the type of person who gets a routine and sticks with it—you likely have a favorite restaurant you visit time and time again, and when you hit up the grocery store, you have the same go-tos you always throw in your cart. On your next visit, though, try shaking it up a little bit. Add some seasonal fruit or a type of exotic superfood powder you've never seen before, then throw them on top of your standard oatmeal the next morning. A bit comfort, a bit out of the box? That's a breakfast anyone can get behind.

Hey, breakfast superstar! Wanna make a perfect green smoothie? Check out all of our best tips here. Want the simple hack to make your overnight oats even healthier? We have you covered for that, too. Happy noshing!

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