Barre3 Founder Sadie Lincoln On Starting A Business & The Importance Of Mindful Movement

Photo: Barre3

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Sadie Lincoln is the founder of Barre3, a beloved workout designed to give you a deep muscle burn, a strong endorphin high, and a centered mind. These days, Sadie's life in Portland, Oregon is bursting with success and joy, but she had her fair share of struggles on her rise to the top.

Sadie met her husband and business partner while working at 24-Hour Fitness, and the duo instantly connected. After getting married and buying a house in the Bay Area, the couple decided to uproot, moving to Portland to pursue their dreams of launching their own business. They were surprised by how easily it all came together. Here, Sadie opens up about falling in love with her body, starting her own business (and how Madonna helped!), what she looks for in a Barre3 employee, and where she hopes the wellness conversation will be in five years.

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