6 Things You Need To Know Today (August 9, 2017)

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1. Here's yet another reason to pack up and move to Hawaii.

Called to action by the U.S. exit from the Paris Climate Agreement, mayor of Kauai Bernard Carvalho is leading the charge to transition his community to clean energy and implement other changes that play into a "bigger vision of honoring the land and the water and the environment." (Grist)

2. Married men have lower testosterone than unmarried men.

A new study published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology aimed to determine whether men with lower testosterone were more likely to be married, or if marriage itself could be tied to the decrease in testosterone as a trigger. Followed over 10 years, men who became married during that time frame showed the sharpest decrease in testosterone, while men who became married and then divorced within the 10-year period showed the smallest overall decline. One hypothesis for the change? Testosterone tends to increase after prolonged abstinence, and married men have sex more consistently than unmarried men. (PsyPost)

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3. If you want to stop your brain from aging, a new hormone component might do the trick.

Back in 1997, researchers discovered a protein called klotho that seemed to age animals faster when they didn't have enough of it. New research found that mice genetically engineered to have elevated levels of klotho live 30 percent longer, and they have stronger memories. Of course, humans are not mice, but this finding is promising. (Scientific American)

4. Researchers may have found the hormone that causes older women to gain weight.

A group of researchers has been studying the connection between the surge of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and the decrease in bone density experienced by many women during menopause. But when they blocked the activity of FSH in mice, the animals ended up losing a bunch of fat—which could explain why women gain weight during menopause. (NYT)

5. Cosmetics counters targeting men could be a reality in as few as five years.

According to the U.K. managing director of L'Oreal, Vismay Sharma, the demand for makeup among men is increasing rapidly. He attributes this shift to two things: Men know they can use makeup, and they know what it does when you use it. More and more brands are releasing products and ranges with men in mind, and industry leaders say the movement is only going to grow from here. (The Telegraph)

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6. New research finds that women have more active brains than men.

The largest functional brain-imaging study to date found that women have significantly more activity in their brains than men do. They particularly shined in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain, which is associated with focus and impulse control. (Science Daily)

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