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August Is A "3" In Numerology, Making It A Big Month For Communication

Kaitlyn Kaerhart
Numerologist By Kaitlyn Kaerhart
Kaitlyn Kaerhart is a New York-based numerologist and musician. She is the author of the upcoming book 'You Are Cosmic Code: Essential Numerology' and a collaborator on the upcoming astrology-numerology tarot deck, Celestial Bodies.
Numerology Horoscope For August 2020

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July 2020 carried the energy of 11/2. You can read up on 11/2 in depth in last month's forecast, but to summarize, July was a time of collective awakening and planning. Did you have a great spiritual shift? Were you able to find more harmony and balance within your life, or forge some new collaborations?

Whatever occurred, it was in preparation for August's Universal Month 3 energy. June was a month 1, where we had the new ideas come to us, July was the month we planted those seeds, and August is the time we reap and share the harvest. 

The energy of the 3 is all about communication and socializing.

The number 3 is known as the communicator in numerology, and it has a light and shadow side. Now is a time to put yourself out there and share your ideas with the world—which feel fun and scary all at once. Not going to lie: I've seen people enter the energy of the 3 feeling totally liberated and free. But I have also seen people enter this energy and be brought to their knees.

The month could lead to heart-centered conversations that uplift and inspire you or challenging dialogues that bring up deep, painful emotions that need to be moved through. Whatever the case, know that communication will be a constant theme.

Even if it is challenging, the 3 is always pushing us to speak our truth and inspire others to do the same. So throughout the next 30 days, it's important to keep asking yourself the following questions:

  1. How can I facilitate conversations that are positive and healthy for all?
  2. How can I get away from the toxicity of "cancel culture" and move into a place of love, unity, and understanding?
  3. Am I open to having tough conversations with someone with opposing views?
  4. Am I able to hold space without feeling triggered?

The conversations we have this month will definitely push the collective forward in one direction or another. The direction we go will be up to us and our actions.

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An important day is coming on 8/8.

It's important to note that August 8 is what's known as the Lions Gate Portal in numerology. This cosmic event occurs every year on 8/8 when the Sun in Leo, the star Sirius, Orion's Belt, and Earth, all align. This creates a powerful portal of energy which is potent for manifesting. From a numbers perspective, the double energy of the 8 is auspicious: The 8 is known as the powerhouse number, and it acts as a bridge between the material and spiritual realms. It's also the number of power and wealth.

This makes 8/8 a good time to examine how you're currently exerting your power and consider the type of power you'd like to yield in the future. Don't act rashly (8 also represents the number of infinity!). Instead, use your energy wisely and trust that rapid growth is in store. Prepare for blastoff! 

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