5 Things You Need To Know Today (April 4, 2018)

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1. Apparently, Uber and Netflix are in cahoots to slow and weigh you down.

According to a new survey conducted by the Swiss Life Science Group Zaluvida, nearly 88 percent of Americans moved less frequently in the past few years due to increased screen time. Many pointed to on-demand service apps that promote a more sedentary lifestyle. Overall, the findings highlight how much tech has affected our quality of life and well-being. (Fast Company)

2. We just found your next water bottle.

Eco-friendly innovation company Parley for the Oceans has teamed up with reusable bottle manufacturer Soma to create a glass bottle protected by a sleeve made from ocean plastic. The beautiful ocean-blue, limited-edition product will be sold at Starbucks. (Fast Company)

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3. What does your makeup say about you?

A new study asked men and women to react to computer-generated images of women with and without makeup. The results showed that participants were less likely to see people with heavy makeup as leaders, but if the makeup was scaled back by about 50 percent, it seemed to have a beneficial effect on their perceived leadership qualities. Slightly sexist, sure, but interesting nonetheless. (Quartz)

4. Will other retailers follower Walmart's lead in the battle against Cosmo?

Thanks to pressure from an anti-pornography group, Walmart has stopped featuring Cosmopolitan magazine in the checkout aisles of its stores. Bolstered by their victory with Walmart, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is hoping they can ban the magazine in other stores as well. While everyone in entitled to their opinion, Cosmo (and many others) believe their magazine sends a message of female empowerment. "With our focus on empowerment, we are proud of all that the brand has achieved for women around the world in the areas of equality, health, relationships, career, politics, and social issues," the outlet said in a statement. (The Guardian)

5. Now there's a gym where your face gets a workout.

Inspired by the proven effects of face yoga, a New York City location of London-based FaceGym is opening in September. The beauty industry is starting to see viable alternatives to Botox and fillers that help create a youthful glow, if that's your thing. Workouts start at $70 a pop and include a variety of exercise and tech treatments like microcurrent and laser tools. (Fast Company)

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