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mbg Sustainability Editor By Emma Loewe
mbg Sustainability Editor

Emma is the Sustainability Editor at mindbodygreen and the author of "The Spirit Almanac: A Modern Guide To Ancient Self Care."

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Here at mindbodygreen, we've always seen reading as one of the best ways to practice personal care and cultivate a better understanding of the self. Over the years, we've rounded up the top titles that can help you do everything from enhance your spiritual journey and set your confidence ablaze to transform your diet. But with a new company mantra—one that says true health comes from helping your community and your world heal—came a moment to release a different kind of required reading list. This collection of new books will speak to your inner wellness activist and inspire you to head out and fight for something larger than yourself.

"Kiss the Ground" by Josh Tickell

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Tickell's new book dives into how we can feed a growing population while maintaining a healthy planet. Chefs, ranchers, farmers, and scientists weigh in on how to tweak your diet in a way that will ultimately support the world around you.

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"Braving the Wilderness" by Brené Brown

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Brown's latest book is a deep dive into how to reconnect with your spirit and overcome the obstacles you put in your own way so you can better show up in your community.

"Drawdown" by Paul Hawken

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In Drawdown, legendary environmentalist Paul Hawken maps out a comprehensive action plan for reversing global warming before it's too late. Rich in data on climate solutions that actually work, these success stories will leave you feeling empowered to start fighting for our planet every day.

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"Feed the Resistance" by Julia Turshen

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Julia Turshen wants us all to use food as a means of activism, and Feed the Resistance lays out over 100 ways to change the status quo with your plate. Inviting somebody who doesn't look like you over for a dinner party, buying from small local or women-owned business, and bringing snacks that will fuel the activists in your neighborhood are just a few of her powerful ideas.

"The Water Will Come" by Jeff Goodall

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Jeff Goodall traversed the planet to investigate how rising sea levels will disrupt humanity. Though frightening, his portrayal of a future underwater is an important reminder of what is at stake in the fight against climate change.

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"In the Company of Women" by Grace Bonney

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This beautiful book compiles interviews with influential women—from poets to scientists to business icons—on how they fought through adversity to enact change in their communities and the world at large.

"American Seafood" by Barton Seaver

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In what acclaimed chef Eric Ripert calls "part cookbook, part reference guide," American Seafood explores the cultural history of eating fish, ways to prepare it healthily, and how we support sustainable fisheries in a world rife with overfishing.

Looking to stock your shelves with more great reads this winter? Check out some of the wellness books mbg editors come back to again and again.

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