Americans' No. 1 Relaxation Ritual Isn't What You Think

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According to a new survey by Sleep Cycle, an alarm app that tracks users' sleep patterns, Americans are strong proponents of nightly teatime.

By studying 1,004 U.S. adults, the app found that people are most likely to reach for a cup of tea when they need to relax before bed. 21 percent of participants would reach for a calming herbal blend over vices like melatonin or dessert during a restless night. Twenty-eight percent of people pair this ritual with the drumming up of a white noise machine, 26 percent of them take a hot bath; and 21 percent read a relaxing book in bed.

This small study speaks to a national commitment to a solid night's rest, with 27 percent of Americans saying they would give up social media if it meant consistently getting eight hours of quality sleep. In keeping with mindbodygreen's prediction that sleep optimization would peak it 2018, this further proves that the masses are continuing to adopt routines that promote the restful sleep that is so essential to our overall wellness.

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