Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder Of Moon Juice, On Adaptogens, Embracing The Haters + Surrendering To The Universe

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Amanda Chantal Bacon is a driving force in the wellness world and a longtime friend of mindbodygreen. Perhaps most known for her "controversial" food diary (we had major feelings about it, obviously) published on Elle that described what she eats in a day, one could say that the CEO and founder of Moon Juice is, in fact, otherworldly. In our inaugural podcast, we dive right into why she's so different from most of us—and those esoteric practices and food philosophies she subscribes to that keep her mind and body cosmically connected are exactly why we love ACB. Someone who puts her well-being first and foremost based on what it means to her—without seeking approval from anyone else—is the wellness doctrine we are most aligned with at mbg.

This is the very first time Amanda has opened up so candidly about her past and journey to a successful career in food and lifestyle, sharing the highs and lows of a health nut foodie. This is a discussion on how she got to where she is today: From working in a bakery to transitioning to a mostly plant-based lifestyle to eating magic mushrooms in the woods as a sixth grader (not a joke!), she's living proof that the path to success is anything but linear.

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