6 Things You Need To Know Today (June 13, 2018)

1. These important trees are dying out, and nobody knows why.

African baobab trees, which produce a fruit packed with health benefits, are suddenly disappearing. Though the jury is still out on what is causing this phenomenon, scientists suspect climate change has something to do with it. (BBC)

2. The bad news? Doctors are burnt out. The good news? Hospitals want to make a difference.

Hospitals are adding chief wellness officers, people whose primary goal is to help with feelings of burnout and alienation prevalent among doctors. The changes are meant to change the systems as a whole rather than producing lower-efficacy solutions like telling people to eat more granola or yogurt. The hope is that by caring for our doctors better, they'll be better able to care for their patients. (Wall Street Journal)

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3. As tourism harms local communities, the travel industry may have to change.

As popular tourist destinations like Bali and Tulum reach an ecological tipping point (litter and ecosystem destruction are huge issues in these areas), some eco-advocates are calling for an end to traditional tourism. Countries like Bhutan, which is now mandating foreign tourists to spend a minimum of $200 per day, are leading the charge for a new, more sustainable model. (Bright)

4. A new study shows how criticism actually affects your kid.

According to new research out of Binghamton University, State University at New York, when parents criticize their kids a lot, it can have an adverse impact on their emotional intelligence. According to the study, kids of highly critical parents pay less attention to facial expressions. And it makes sense—if your parent is always criticizing you, you're probably less likely to want to look at them, which could result in not picking up on facial expressions as easily. (PsyPost)

5. Post-LASIK surgery, patients are experiencing serious long-term side effects.

Impaired vision and chronic pain are just two of the side effects LASIK patients experience post-surgery. Many of these patients state that their doctors failed to educate them on the range of side effects following LASIK eye surgery. While the FDA approved the first lasers to correct eye vision in the '90s, there are serious concerns and questions regarding the efficacy of the procedure as well as its short- and long-term risks and complications. (NYT)

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6. The future of diabetes treatment might be in a pill.

A preclinical study performed at Brigham and Women's Hospital showed that a pill was able to reduce blood sugar spikes. It works by releasing a material that temporarily coats the intestines, and is a promising development for people suffering with diabetes. (Science Daily)

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