16 Affirmations That Will Inspire Gratitude & Love, Just In Time For Valentine's

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Tanya Carroll Richardson is an author and professional intuitive, giving readings to clients all over the world.
16 Affirmations That Will Inspire Gratitude & Love, Just In Time For Valentine's

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There are many ways that humans try to bring more love into their lives, and Valentine’s Day is an excuse to stop and celebrate love—in its many forms. Metaphysical theory states that one way to attract something is by being grateful for what you already have. For example, being grateful for the abundance you already have will align your energy with abundance and draw more of it to you. Same goes for love.

Give this quick gratitude exercise a try and notice what shifts for you. You can answer these prompts in your mind as you read them, or sit with a journal and something to write with if you’d like to go deeper. Answer the prompts from your heart, and pay attention to any nudges or "ah-ha" ideas from your intuition on how to bring more love into your life (you will get some intuitive guidance from your higher self as you read these prompts; I guarantee):

  1. "I’m so grateful for this love in my life, a love that feels as essential as water or air." This might be the love of a sibling, pet, or romantic partner. Perhaps this statement makes you think of a hobby or calling that you love. What first comes to mind?
  2. "This love took me by surprise, and I’m so grateful for it." Possibly a longtime acquaintance has recently become a dear friend, or you have bonded with a niece or nephew much more than you expected.
  3. "I’m grateful I’ve gotten the opportunity to improve this love." Have you and your partner been doing some serious work on your relationship? Maybe you and a family member have been able to forgive each other and get a second chance at a better or closer relationship.
  4. "I’ve decided to do this differently in my next/current romantic relationship, and I’m so grateful." Are you single and, after reflection on past relationships, found some things you would like to change about your approach next time around? If you are in a relationship that used to be plagued with a negative or self-sabotaging pattern like codependence, maybe you’re grateful you and your partner have healed.
  5. "The love of these friends and family members whom I feel I share a soul connection with makes me extra grateful." A soul connection means you feel that you and someone else are linked on a deeper level. You can have this connection with an in-law, a boss, or anyone else in your life.
  6. "I’m grateful for this love lesson I learned from heartbreak." The silver lining of painful moments is that we often emerge more enlightened—as a healthier or wiser version of ourselves.
  7. "The memories I have of this loved one who passed on make me very grateful for our time together." I created a guided grief journal called Forever in My Heart, where you can record precious memories of a departed loved one, say things that were left unsaid, and connect with a loved one’s spirit.
  8. "I’m eternally grateful for the love of this animal/pet." Are there some animals that showed you priceless unconditional love?
  9. "This person loved me through one of the toughest times of my life, and I’m beyond grateful." This could be a friend or family member who supported you or even a health care professional or co-worker you leaned on.
  10. "I’m grateful that I’m finally ready to take this healthy risk for love." Sometimes simply being open to romantic love or new friendships can feel scary. But healthy risks—like trying online dating, telling someone how you really feel about them, or asking a potential friend out to lunch—are part of bringing new love into our lives.
  11. "I got out of a relationship with this person, whose love for me was toxic, and I’m so grateful." It’s hard to walk away from a person you love, but if they are hurting themselves or others, it can be the right move for everyone involved—and a very loving action.
  12. "I’m grateful I’m committed to stretching outside of my comfort zone in the following ways to bring more love into my life." As a psychic intuitive, I meet many people who have dreams they are afraid to follow—like going back to school, writing a book, or ending a relationship so they can meet someone more like-minded. You’re capable of great things and will often surprise yourself by just how wise, talented, or strong you are if you give yourself a chance to prove it.
  13. "I’m grateful for these ways that love looks, sounds, and feels in my life." Love might be the sight of flowers that your roommate brought home to celebrate your win at the office, the sound of a child’s laugh, or the feeling of your partner’s arms wrapping around you.
  14. "Self-love is something I’m working on, and I’m grateful for all the ways I show myself love." Giving yourself the night off, taking yourself out to lunch, starting a savings account, going on a trip with a friend, eating organic, curbing judgmental thoughts about yourself—there are tons of ways to show yourself love.
  15. "The forgiveness I received from this loved one makes me grateful." Did a good friend let it slide when you accidentally threw her under the bus at work? Maybe you took out your anger about your health on your sibling and they were understanding.
  16. "I’m grateful that I’m putting love as a top priority in my life this year in the following ways." Want to make big strides in any area of your life? Make self-love a core part of your game plan.

A great way to close this exercise is by asking your intuition which one of these love gratitude prompts you should focus on most right now. You might see a number between 1 and 16 in your mind, hear a number like "4" in your mind, or get a strong gut instinct about one of the prompts as you scan back over them.

Need some help tapping into your intuition? Here are a few top tips.

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