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The Perfect New Year Mantra For Your Zodiac Sign

mbg Contributor By Elizabeth Bobbitt
mbg Contributor
Elizabeth Bobbitt is a branding, events, and marketing consultant, and the former Social Media Manager at mindbodygreen.
The Perfect New Year Mantra For Your Zodiac Sign

Photo by Uros Jovicic

Well, folks, it’s been a year. For many people, 2017 was like a bull in a china shop—storming in unexpectedly, and leaving us with quite the mess to clean up. But in the midst of chaos there is always opportunity, meaning that this new year is rife with the potential for progress.

To help you start off this year on a self-actualized foot, read on for a breakdown of exactly what your sun sign needs to do to "win" 2018—or in other words, to become the best version of yourself so you can better serve the world.

Aries Sun/Aries Rising: "My fire is my most powerful tool."

Aries is the first sign, or the "baby" of the zodiac, meaning you probably view the world through a pair of rose-colored glasses. An Aries upholds the most endearing qualities of being a child, like having boundless optimism, impressive energy, and a refreshingly unjaded outlook. However, this youthful temperament can also translate into quick tempers and the occasional melodramatic mood swing—factors that have helped this sun sign earn its fiery reputation.

As an Aries, you’ve probably had to learn how to control your temper. But what if instead of putting out this fire in 2018, you chose to embrace it? Anger, through a different lens, is simply passion, and when channeled correctly, it can be your most powerful tool. The year 2017 may have set you up with a lot of hurdles to clear, but getting caught up in a whirlwind of frenzied frustrations won’t do you any favors. By finding a productive outlet for all of your energy—like taking charge in a social organization that is close to your heart or speaking up for those who don’t have a voice—you’ll be able to put this internal inferno to good use.


Taurus Sun/Taurus Rising: "Let go, gracefully."

We’ve all been there: that moment when that thing you manifested the sh*t out of ends up being a total dud, or at least not what you pictured. When some people come to this realization, they simply stand up, dust off their hands, and walk away. But this is rarely the reality for an ever-so-patient and persistent Taurus.

When we move beyond what we’ve outgrown, the universe will always fill the void with something better.

If you’re a Taurus, you prefer to go big or go home, wholeheartedly committing yourself to the people, places, and projects you care about. And while this unrelenting devotion is admirable, it makes it difficult for you to loosen your grip on the things that are no longer serving you. The trick? Understanding that when we move beyond what we’ve outgrown, the universe will always fill the void with something better. From that old flame whose number you just can’t delete to the job that was perfect on paper but leaves you feeling drained, 2018 is calling you to cut the cord. Like a snake shedding its skin, it’s time for you to release the old and slip gracefully into the new.


Gemini Sun/Gemini Rising: "I will make room for honesty."

Around this time of a year, Geminis are getting to live their best lives, mixing and mingling on repeat as the holiday party season rages on. This sun sign is notorious for knowing a little bit about everything, making things like first impressions, networking, and flirting an absolute breeze.

But in 2018, your mission as a Gemini is to transcend the small talk and replace surface-level conversations with ones that foster real, human connection. Instead of filling every pause with fun facts and silly stories to keep things flowing, watch what happens when you leave space for honest exchanges to occur. Practicing mindful listening—shifting your focus onto the person you’re talking to and off of what witty thing you’ll say next—is a great way to strengthen both your conversations and relationships.

Cancer Sun/Cancer Rising: "I will feel everything, with pride."

Cancers (like myself!) are one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac, so let’s use 2018 to set the record straight. Often depicted as people who cry at the drop of a hat or throw temper tantrums left and right, Cancers are slighted for their overtly emotional personalities. But not only is this narrative an unfair exaggeration, it also paints highly sensitive beings in a negative light when in reality, they’re the ones doing it right.

As a Cancer, being emotionally tuned in is your most important gift, for it allows you to access your potent intuition and game-changing creativity. For some Cancers, this connection comes easily, but for others, it’s a struggle. Defying the haters is your 2018 challenge, Cancer - choosing to grip tightly to your tenderness and find comfort in your emotional center. By feeling all the feels and bravely loving without bounds, you’ll be able to shower both yourself and the world around you with some much-needed compassion.


Leo Sun/Leo Rising: "I am confident in my own worth."

It’s a common misconception that Leos are the most confident sign of the zodiac, but this isn’t always the case. Many Leos do exude an air of confidence that makes the world believe they are sure of their own talents, but sometimes this over-the-top conviction is masking some underlying insecurities. In order to feel safe and loved, Leos need to be on the receiving end of a lot of positive affirmations. But when this doesn’t happen, they can start beating themselves up.

Leo, you are inherently creative, caring, passionate, and intelligent—but you’ll never be truly happy until you start to really see this for yourself. Chances are you're amazing at spotting the potential in others and building them up, but 2018 is asking you to channel this energy inward instead. Start by writing down three things you appreciate about yourself every morning; anything from your big hair to your big heart will do. This may feel a little difficult at first, but in time you will become comfortable discovering new parts of yourself to love. Repeatedly reminding yourself of your limitless value will help you and your gifts soar higher this year than ever before.

Virgo Sun/Virgo Rising: "I silence my inner critic."

Hey, Virgos, if someone wants a job done well, they should bring it to you, right? As the perfectionist of the zodiac, you take pride in your precision and are sure to leave anything you touch in pristine condition. This keen attention to detail and observant nature can be incredibly useful, but it can also come with a bit of a price.

Having a sharp inner critic is a common thread among Virgos. However, catering to this nitpicky voice in your head will do nothing but drag you down, so your 2018 mission is to set yourself free. One of the best ways to do this is by starting each day with some stream-of-consciousness journaling. Jot down anything and everything that comes to mind without an ounce of self-editing. By writing out any insecurities, anxieties, or limiting beliefs that are knocking around in your brain, you’ll be able to release them and create space for positive, productive thought patterns.


Libra Sun/Libra Rising: "I release old grudges with grace."

As a Libra, getting "sharing is caring" tattooed on your forehead would save you a lot of trouble. You thrive in situations that are balanced and expect others to dish up the same unwavering gentleness and consideration that you show them. However, it can be difficult for you to understand that this innate appreciation for fairness doesn’t come naturally for everyone.

Holding a grudge when someone doesn’t carry their weight in a relationship might feel justifiable to you, but this negativity won’t serve you in 2018. In order to liberate yourself from the stagnant energy brought on by these lingering emotional memories, try a burning ceremony before the year is up. To start, compose a list of experiences that weigh heavy on your heart. From life-altering breakups to that rude comment the barista made about your hair, anything that drains your energy is deserving of release. Then, read everything you’ve written down out loud and set the paper on fire, freeing yourself from burdensome resentments that inhibit you from moving forward.

Scorpio Sun/Scorpio Rising: "I will allow myself to sink into vulnerability."

I find myself having to constantly remind people that Scorpios are in fact water signs, possessing powerful intuitive gifts and an unparalleled level of emotional intelligence. However, it's easy to forget this because Scorpios are pros at hiding these sensitive parts of themselves.

The desire for privacy is something that most Scorpios feel, for it gives them a safe space to process emotions and feel all the feels. But while brooding in secrecy may be your jam, 2018 has no time for it. As a Scorpio, you are arguably the most intuitive sign of the zodiac, meaning you can pick up on important energetic cues and understand people’s true intentions with ease. It’s these skills that allow you to connect with others on a deep, soul level—something our world has never needed more of. If you continuously choose to step into your vulnerability instead of shy away from it, you’ll get to watch your relationships totally transform in this new year.


Sagittarius Sun/Sagittarius Rising: "I will turn big ideas into action."

You are known for your optimistic spirit and love of roaming far and wide, so there’s no doubt that you have big plans for the planet, Sagittarius. Your philosophical nature and appreciation of freedom are perfectly suited to help 2018 move in a constructive direction, but we need you to focus to make this happen.

Because Sagittarius is such an idealistic and generous sign, it’s common for you to bite off a little more than you can chew. And as someone who lives for change and excitement, it’s the initial spark at the start of a project that gets your gears going. In the new year, your mission is to hone your focus and work on physically bringing your ideas to life. Instead of jumping from one thing to the next, pick a couple of passion projects that are close to your heart and commit to them. The power of manifestation is amplified when you have specific goals in mind, so being intelligent and intentional about how you channel your energy is key. Hint: Creating a vision board would be an excellent way to support this process!

Capricorn Sun/Capricorn Rising: "I know when to walk away."

If we rounded up a list of all of the CEOs in the world, it's safe to say a large chunk of them would be Capricorns. Hardworking, disciplined, and responsible, you were probably that kid in school who did everyone’s part of the group project (and loved every minute of it). Your unwillingness to take the back seat in any facet of your life is a drive that many people wish they had, but 2018 is asking you to slow down and think about exactly where you’re steering your car and why.

Take your job for example. It’s not uncommon for companies that start off with the best intentions to take a turn for the worse when things like money or egos get in the way. Thanks to your determination to finish what you’ve started, you may be tempted to stick around and see how things play out—but that’s not what this year is all about. Learning to walk away from situations that are no longer serving you will be your biggest lesson, and one that will pay off time and time again. Your work ethic and passion are one in a million, so make sure you’re only funneling this energy into situations worthy of your gifts.

Aquarius Sun/Aquarius Rising: "I will stop resigning to an isolated existence."

It’s a known fact that you Aquarius folks are deep thinkers. As the humanitarians of the zodiac, your original, inclusive ideas are the kind of medicine that our world so desperately needs. But even though you tend to be very focused on the fate of others, being independent is one of your most defining characteristics.

This preference for marching to the beat of your own drum can give you a kind of "outsider" status—one that you embrace wholeheartedly. However, needing alone time to recharge is one thing, but pushing others away or avoiding emotional connection is another. On a universal level, this year is about awakening to the idea that we’re in this race together. Your 2018 mission is to work on dropping your defenses and using collaboration and compromise to help move your ideas forward. By linking up with others who are on your same wavelength, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your innovative visions can come to life.

Pisces Sun/Pisces Rising: "I dare to share my talents."

It’s no secret that Pisces are deeply creative souls, able to produce moving work that speaks to the human condition. Whether you label yourself an "artist" or not, I bet there are elements of creative expression woven through your life—like writing poems in the Notes section of your phone or whipping out a sketchbook on long plane rides. However, Pisces have a proclivity for privacy, so the thought of sharing your art with the world might be your worst nightmare.

As a highly sensitive being, the fear of criticism can feel very real for you. Your powerful emotional memory invites you to dwell on the past, replaying all of the negative feedback you’ve ever received on repeat. But this year is calling you to honor your artwork and step into the light, making the choice to share your healing gifts with the world. Pisces, you are the dreamer of the zodiac, laden with potent intuitive talents that allow you to cut right through someone’s soul. Don’t let the possibility of judgment steal your magic from those of us who so deeply need it.

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