6 Things You Need To Know Today (June 1, 2018)

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1. If you wear glasses, you might ACTUALLY be smarter.

Shh—don't tell your 20/20 friends, but glasses wearers might actually be smarter, according to a new study. Genetic experts have found a correlation between a number of health problems and cognitive strength, including a notable link between intelligence and shortsightedness. (IFL Science)

2. Ambien has a LOT of side effects.

The popular sleep drug has been blamed for memory loss, hallucinations, and nighttime feasting, but it's a stretch to say that it might be to blame for Roseanne Barr's tweets. According to researchers, although it might somewhat impair judgment, it won't cause you to break with reality resulting in racist insults. (NYT)

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3. Playing games, making bets, and reading books daily could help ward off dementia, new research shows.

JAMA Psychiatry followed more than 15,500 people ages 65 and older for five years, all of whom were living in Hong Kong. None had dementia at the start of the study, but by the end about 1,300 did. Results showed that men and women who played games—including betting on horse races—and read books, newspapers, and magazines had significantly less risk for developing dementia than those who didn't. The study is observational and can deduce cause and effect, and critics of it say that reverse causation could be at play—not engaging in intellectual activities could be the cause of dementia. Either way, it's an excellent reason to pick up a good book this weekend, no matter your age. (Time)

4. This grocery store is getting rid of "best by" labels for the sake of the planet.

British grocery chain Tesco is nixing this label on its store-brand produce as a way to get shoppers to waste less food. These labels can sometimes be arbitrary, and by getting rid of them the chain hopes that people will think twice before trashing perfectly good ingredients. (Treehugger)

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5. Millennials are waiting a lot longer to decide if their partner is really "the one."

The data shows that millennials are waiting longer to get married and have kids than previous generations, but here's another interesting thing they're stalling on: deciding whether or not their current partner is "the one." According to an eHarmony report, couples in the United States knew each other for an average of six and a half years before getting married, compared to other age groups who knew each other for five years on average. (NYT)

6. This is how you need to exercise for brain power.

According to a new study published in Neurology Clinical Practice, consistency is the biggest factor when it comes to working out for brain power—no matter how long or what kind. The study found that so long as you exercise a few times a week and reach a log time of 52 hours over six months—that boils down to a little over two hours each week—your mind will become sharper over time. Another key finding? More restorative exercises like yoga are just as effective at boosting brain power as high-intensity workouts. (Live Science)

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