5 Things You Need To Know Today (May 25, 2018)

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1. This new research supports your dream of lying in bed all weekend long.

A new study published in the Journal of Sleep Research found that if you're not getting enough sleep during the week, sleeping in could actually lower your mortality rate. Yup, go ahead and snooze to your heart's delight—it may actually help you live longer. (IFL Science)

2. Could NYC be the next city to ban plastic straws?

Following the lead of other U.S. cities like Malibu and Seattle, the Big Apple is considering a bill to ban plastic, single-use straws to cut down on pollution. The lead sponsor of the bill encourages New Yorkers to reimagine straws as a luxury items. This makes sense, considering that straws have a way of ending up in the ocean, and NYC is surrounded by waterways. (Grub Street)

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3. This super-important crop is particularly vulnerable to climate change.

How's this for a disturbing discovery? New research finds that the carbon dioxide we are releasing into the environment at an unprecedented rate is effectively stripping rice crops of major nutrients. This is bad news for people around the world but especially those who depend on the crop for livelihood. (Vox)

4. Lung cancer rates are on the rise in young women, and no one knows why.

Despite the fact that lung cancer rates are going down overall, a new report shows that the disease is on the rise among young women. While researchers don't exactly know why this is, one theory is that a different type of lung cancer affects women than the type men tend to get. According to study authors, this "may foreshadow a higher future burden of overall lung cancer among women than among men." (CBS News)

5. The hotter our body temperatures, the better our bodies can protect against infection.

A new study found that incremental rises in body temperature can speed up our biological clock’s response to infections. This new discovery could be monumental in understanding more effective drugs that target a key protein in this process. (Science Daily)

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