5 Myths About Period Sex (Finally!) Explained

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mbg Contributor
Ashley Spivak is a Brooklyn-based, certified doula, reproductive health advocate, and prenatal nutrition and wellness consultant. She is the co-creator of Brilliant Bodies, which partners with like-minded businesses to create solutions for issues in the reproductive health space.

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So you finished watching I Love Dick on Amazon and kept thinking about that last period sex scene. You’re wondering if it’s true that there are benefits of having sex during your period. Maybe the idea is intriguing. Maybe you’re not so sure. And maybe you know for sure it just isn’t worth the potential demise of your Egyptian cotton sheets. Before you go making up your mind, let’s sort through some of the common myths and beliefs so that you can decide if it’s worth giving it a go:

1. It's natural lube: True!

Now before you turn up your nose, hear us out. You will have plenty of slip for your slide during your bleeding phase…but most of it actually isn’t blood! The majority of women only lose between two and six tablespoons of blood total per their entire cycle (though it is possible for some people to lose more). It is mostly thickened endometrial cells, also known as your uterine lining shedding. So throw a towel down if you want to protect your sheets, but don’t expect a scene from a horror film, because period sex can certainly get pretty erotic!

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2. You can't get pregnant: False!

If you are not on a hormonal birth control or IUD, and not trying to conceive, the stress of a potential pregnancy alone can be enough to kill the mood. The good news is that the likelihood of getting pregnant while bleeding is slight—particularly if you know that you don’t ovulate early. But it is possible. Because sperm can live up to five days in the body, pregnancy can occur if you have an irregular cycle and ovulate early. So take the proper precaution depending upon your cycle.

3. You have extra-glorious orgasms: Maybe!

Every menstruator is unique, and the ability to orgasm is influenced by many external factors, like anxiety and stress—so there is no guarantee that this is true for everyone—but, if you are able to release into the idea of having period sex (and many menstruators report feeling in the mood during this phase!), then it is definitely possible to have a more intense and dreamy orgasm. Because there is extra blood flow to the pelvic region, and the vulva tends to be particularly sensitive during this phase, pleasure can be heightened and it may be easier to orgasm. Yes, please!

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4. Your chances of getting an infection are higher: Inconclusive!

Practicing safe sex can’t be forgotten when you’re having sex on your period. STIs can still be transmitted, and, in fact, some theories suggest there’s a higher risk of infection while on your period due to the slightly open cervix, which would make it easier for a virus to pass through; however, there are no studies that back this up. But since blood can carry STIs, it’s always recommended to use condoms when you or your partner have a known sexually transmitted disease or infection, or if you haven’t been tested in a while. Safe sex all the way!

5. A more pleasant period: Maybe!

This is another one that is variable from menstruator to menstruator—and based upon how powerful you orgasm—but mind-blowing orgasms while bleeding may actually help relieve cramp pain due to the release of those feel-good hormones like oxytocin and endorphins. And it gets better. While orgasming, your uterus is stimulated to contract, which can cause the uterine lining to expel quicker, meaning a shorter bleeding phase overall. Boom.

Now, remember: When it comes to orgasms, the mindset always matters. And in order to benefit the most from all period sex has to offer, the bigger the O the better! Vaginal orgasms may produce better results than clitoral. Check in with yourself. Ask why you feel compelled or not inclined to try having sex during your period. And get really honest if your hesitations are coming from a place that is true to you. Of course, not everyone loves period sex. And some people love it sometimes and hate it others. But, one thing is for certain; if you are not feeling good about yourself or what you are doing, or you are very stressed or anxious, it is going to be a lot harder to release and orgasm! So if you do decide to try it, be sure to work with a partner you feel comfortable with, or on your own, and create the time and space you need to have an out-of-this-world orgasm!

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