Weekly Horoscope: This Is The Perfect Time To Cozy Up With A Book — Astrology Says So

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On Thursday, the sun trines Uranus, and it'll bring out your inner bookworm.

Seasonal traditions are popping up at every turn, but feel free to color outside the lines this Thursday, December 20, when the Sagittarius Sun sends a solar-charged current to innovative Uranus in Aries. With a willingness to experiment, this once-per-year trine can awaken the slumbering genius within. Need a boost? Read books and watch TED talks by inspiring thought leaders. Spend a few hours in "Santa's workshop," tinkering around with gadgets, apps, or whatever tools suit your trade.

For some, the Sun-Uranus trine will light the path to humanitarian service. There's no shortage of good causes to contribute to. How about making a donation in lieu of a physical gift for the minimalists in your life, or the friends who have it all? All week long, an electric current will crackle through social interactions, and some exciting new connections can be made both digitally and while out decking the halls. But keep a surge protector in place! Uranus remains retrograde until January 6, and in swaggering Aries, it can cause people to oversell themselves. Intellectual and spiritual stimulation will be plentiful, but before declaring anyone "my new guru," run the background checks—or better yet, absorb their ideas but remain independent (AKA be your own guru). Team efforts can take flight, as long as you're working with a soulful and high-vibe squad toward the same game-changing goal. But be prepared to vet: It might take a few exchanges before you can determine the stallions from the sparkle ponies!

On Friday, the winter solstice prompts us to look within.

It's beginning to feel a lot like solstice! This Friday, December 21, will be the shortest day of the year for those living in the northern hemisphere. Under the cover of darkness, we have a rich opportunity to turn inward and scan the landscape of our subconscious minds. Carve out space to meditate, reflect, and find gratitude for the high points of your 2018. Simultaneously, get clear on what you'd like to leave behind as you enter 2019. The winter solstice always coincides with the Sun's move into steady, masterful Capricorn. And since the celestial Sea Goat is the governor of goal-setting, it's no surprise we make our New Year's resolutions under these sunbeams. Flag that, because yeah, it's a little premature to get down to business this week. (Can we have some brandied eggnog first...please?) But between now and January 20, those grander ambitions won't be far from the forefront of our minds. What will it take to achieve that "high pro glow" in 2019? Think bigger! This is a potent week for visualizing success and thinking about the next steps of your professional ascent.

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On Saturday, the last full moon of the year will power our celebrations.

On Saturday, the final full moon of the year lands in sensitive Cancer, bringing a warm-fuzzy surge to all pre-holiday celebrations. Before you light the kinara, could you make your space a little more festive? Whether you're hosting guests or just hunkering down by the fire with a close friend and your cat, get creative with your "cozification." From food to decorations, to a pile of extra blankets and slippers for guests, this full moon can bring nesting to the next level.

Holiday season may churn up lots of emotions, and these moody moonbeams can intensify any rifts that have been brewing with relatives. As spiritual author Ram Dass quipped, "If you think you're enlightened, go spend a week with your family." Dreading an upcoming gathering because you-know-who will be there? Rather than having a rumble around the Christmas tree, get proactive. Perhaps a weekend heart-to-heart can help you iron out the conflict before any big celebrations. But if you already KNOW it's going to be drama, tune in to your intuition. It might be better to stagger your visits so you're not there at the same time as the triggering reveler, or figure out other buffers to avoid any explosive encounters. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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The AstroTwins
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The AstroTwins
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