A Guided Meditation For Moving Through Pain That Doesn't Belong To You

mbg Contributor By Adalina East, M.S.
mbg Contributor
Adalina East, M.S., is an international lecturer, educator, mental health expert and healer, working with a global clientele to recover from trauma and bring forth inner guidance.
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In these uncertain times, many of us are picking up on the pain and fear of other people—whether it's a family member, your quarantine roommate, or someone you saw on the news. You might find that these feelings are weighing you down, especially if you're an empath.

Practicing meditation is one way to tune into your own thoughts and feelings and release those that don't belong to you. Here is a guided practice focused on letting go of pain, worry, and fear:

Letting go of pain and anxiety is an ongoing process, so come back to this practice any time you need. Explore more guided meditations for hard times here.

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