Jessica's Daily Affirmations, Your "Calling" & Childhood Idealism (Video)

When it comes to positive affirmations, author and publisher (and all-around amazing woman), Louise Hay is tough to beat. Though this little girl named Jessica might give her a run for her money. So what's the connection between Jessica and a "calling" vs a job? At what age do we lose our child-like spirit and belief that we can do accomplish anything?

In our interview with entrepreneur and author, Chip Conley, Chip shared some interesting thoughts on the connection between childhood idealism and great leaders:

Great leaders are one part childhood idealism and one part adult practicality. Unfortunately, many of us get a little too carried away with the latter. Again, if you follow your calling with passion, I believe you'll connect with that childhood idealism. I also use great quotes as inspirations on a daily basis.
Chip goes on to explain the difference between a "calling" and a job:
A calling energizes you, while a job depletes you. The easiest path to a calling is to do an inventory of what you've always loved to do...what activities or hobbies put you in that "flow" in which you lose touch with time and feel connected to something bigger than yourself. Don't feel badly if you don't find your calling in your profession as many people live their calling outside of work, whether it's being a little league baseball coach or a grandmother.
Back to Jessica. Enjoy one of the cutest videos ever:

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