A Foolproof Plan To Get Out Of Your Bad Mood

Life isn't always easy.

They didn't call you back.

The interview went poorly.

The engine light just turned on.

You just heard a terrible rumor—about yourself.

Just like everyone else, I've had bumps in my proverbial road. I didn't get into the first graduate school I applied to. I've been laid off. I've been dumped. I have made very, very questionable decisions about my hair.

But after lots (lots!) of trial and error I've developed a (nearly) foolproof plan to feel better when I'm down in the dumps.

Step 1: Get sweaty for an hour

Have a one-person dance party. Go for a hike in the sun. Ride your bike. Clean your apartment from top to bottom. Have a roll in the hay with your lovah. Do something physical and strenuous.

Step 2: Get wet

For some reason, water heals me. Take a long shower (and maybe have a good cry—crying doesn't count in the shower!) Go swimming in a lake/pool/river/the ocean. Sit in the gym jacuzzi. Have a long soak in your tub accompanied by some Norah Jones.

Step 3: Take a nap

Like, a proper one. Under the covers, no jeans, curtains closed. Preferably for at least an hour!

Step 4: Drink some coffee

Life feels better and happier when I'm caffeinated.

I'm not sure why this particular series of things makes me feel so much better. Life (and all the challenges that that occasionally accompany it) seems so much nicer when I've got endorphins in my veins and I'm clean, rested, and have a latte in hand.

Do you have a few specific things you do when you feel down? I mean, in addition to drinking wine out of a robot mug and watching Ron Swanson clips on Youtube, HYPOTHETICALLY.

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