Yogis Can Drink Wine, Too

Do you know how many times I've been at a bar or a party, told someone I’m a yoga instructor, and then that person looked at my wine glass, aghast, and asked how could I drink if I’m a yoga teacher? (Lots of times.)

I love all things yoga and consider myself someone who lives a yogic lifestyle. I also love wine, definitely let a curse word slip here and there, and I eat meat, mostly fish. And while overall I have a very healthy diet, I like pizza. A lot. I have bad days and get angry and down in the dumps from time to time.

For a long time, I struggled, thinking I had to let go of all of these things if I wanted to be a “yogi” in the true sense of the word. I can’t even count the number of times I got angry at myself for being “un-yogic” and my mood would get all dark and dreary.

One day, I finally woke up and realized that it’s perfectly OK not to fit the mold of what some people think is the ideal of whatever you're trying to be. In other words, I realized I am human. Also, it's usually the people who do things out of the norm who end up being some of the most interesting folks around. It's only important that you are YOU, and that you're doing the things that serve you best and make you happy.

To the yogi vegans out there who meditate for hours a day: if that serves you and makes you happy, that's awesome. This isn’t meant to take that away by any means. It's meant to encourage those of you who have unrealistic goals that are only serving to bring you down. Take a look at yourself and realize what you need to do to make you happy, not what makes someone else think you're happy or the “correct” version of what you are trying to be. Chances are, you'll realize you're pretty damn awesome already.

You're a living story, so make it your own. Tailor it precisely to what your needs are and never back down from your beliefs for a minute.

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