Are Beauty Products Making You Fat?

Take a moment and look at your lovely skin. It's actually the largest organ of your body! It’s approximately 10 square feet in size, only 1/10 of an inch thick, and is highly permeable porous membrane that's highly sensitive to toxic chemicals.

Consider for a moment that what you put on your skin may be affecting your health as much (or more) than what you put in your mouth, because when you apply something on the skin, it gets directly absorbed rather than being processed by the liver.

When you expose yourself to the toxic ingredients in commonly used personal care products such as body lotions, shampoos, conditioners, makeup, chemical sunscreens, and so forth on a daily basis, month after month, year after year, these ingredients penetrate without the buffer of digestion. Prolonged use of these products can really accelerate the aging process over time.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking to find what ingredients are in these products, you'll often find that the label doesn't list all of the ingredients due to lax regulations of the cosmetics industry.

The other thing you won’t see on the label is what companies sometimes call “penetration enhancers.” These are chemical cocktails that help cosmetic products penetrate the skin and drive foreign compounds into the body more effectively.

The reason cosmetics and other non-green personal care products can be making us fat is because the body, in its amazing capacity to adapt, will take these foreign substances and store them in fat cells, which is the safest place to keep something it can't effectively and safely release.

So what happens is that over time you may actually be gaining weight or be unable to release only because you have a toxic overload.

Consider what you're putting on your skin as much as what you are putting in your mouth, because both are being absorbed by your body.

If you're interested in information about a global cleanse on June 24 to rid your body of toxins found in beauty products and elsewhere, go to TheEssentialCleanse.

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