5 Tips To Conquer Binge Eating

Written by Stacy Michelle

Living in the Big Apple in my 20s, there was always a party to be had. But there was one party where I was the sole invitee, surrounded by my choice of sweet and savory items: the BINGEFEST.

These soirees would mainly occur in the office, late at night, working against tight deadlines and hating my job. Instead of acknowledging my feelings, I threw a Bingefest in my Times Square office. I never knew who was going to show, since I was at the mercy of an escort service — otherwise known as the vending machine. These Bingefests were a nationwide event, as I participated in them while traveling for work, accompanied by whomever was at the hotel minibar (cashews, gummi bears, mini Snickers).

When I found energy work, it grounded me and I realized the secret hosts of my Bingefests were stress, anxiety, perfectionism, and wanting to feel in control of something because internally I felt completely out of control.

So I called off the party and did the following to prevent them in the future. I hope these tips help you too.

1. Power up your first chakra and ground.

Energetically, sugar takes you out of your body, so when sugar is at your Bingefest, know you want to be out of your body and avoiding your emotions. Try this grounding exercise:

  • Take awareness to your first chakra (For women, the space between your ovaries, for men, the base of the spine).
  • Imagine a green ball of energy (as wide as your hips) sitting in that space. Drop the green ball down to the center of the earth and imagine as you do that it forms a green grounding cord connecting from your first chakra down to the center of the earth.
  • Imagine little green threads of light extending from your grounding cord to your sciatic nerve, across your back and down your legs (this helps calm your nervous system).
  • Drop that grounding cord throughout the day as often as you need; you can’t ground enough.

2. Once grounded, ask yourself, “How do I feel?”

Now that you're fully embodied, time to look at your emotions (fun stuff, I know). Process them, write down in a journal how you feel in that moment and let it be ok. Let it be ok to cry, or be angry or whatever comes up for you.

3. Get a game plan to call off the party.

You've brought into conscious awareness the emotions you are avoiding through food; validate the power in that realization. Now, can you identify a pattern to when you are having these emotions? For example:

I feel overwhelmed when I am stressed out at work OR

I am sad after I have a fight with my boyfriend, or something along those lines.

Write your triggers down somewhere; not to dwell on them, but as a friendly reminder for the time being of what to be mindful of going forward.

4. Throw a self-care soiree.

The next time your trigger event arises can you:



REFLECT on how you have dealt in the past, and

CHOOSE to proceed with the Bingefest — or throw a Self-Care Soiree, which may consist of:

Sitting with a journal and a cup of tea and processing how you feel.

Calling a friend to reach out for support.

Getting your butt to a yoga class.

Take a nice, relaxing bath with some candles.

Go for a long walk.

Bottom line: Pick any feel-good activity to get you into self-care mode and out of Bingefest mode.

5. The morning after, have compassion for yourself.

Easier said than done, I know, but if you CHOOSE to eat try not to beat yourself up the next day, you can let go and begin again. We do this all time in life (relationships, leaving jobs), and the same applies here. You have your whole lifetime to work on this.

I think this is a topic that many women can relate to and remains very taboo. I'd love to hear from the MBG community on what "stop the bingefest" tactics work for you. And for those of you out there struggling with this know you are not alone!

If you want to hear more tips on how to stop your next bingefest, sign up for this FREE STOP the Bingefest teleseminar on June 18 at www.zenconnect.net/stopthebinge.

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