10 Signs You're Addicted To MindBodyGreen (Hilarious)

Back in 2008, when wellness was just starting to be cool, I used to blog every week for HuffPo. I made my mark with straightforward, simple pieces that had a healthy dose of scrappy spunk. Since those Dark Ages, MBG has officially taken over the interwebs on all things hip in wellness. Basically, we're all addicted to MindBodyGreen, and hanging on to every word. 

Here are some classic signs you're hooked on MBG: 

1. You've learned more about gluten from MBG than from any other source.

2. MBG makes you laugh, cry, and think—all in the same browsing session.

3. You look up your aches and pains and remedies on the site and take what you find for fact.

4. You don't remember the last time you looked at WebMD or Huffpo Living.

5. You're either a contributor, know someone personally who is, or are trying to find out how to be one.

6. You "refresh" your favorite posts throughout the day to see what new conversation is happening.

7. You check MBG for what's hot in wellness before you go out with your friends so you can bring up cutting edge topics in wellness at a local vegan cafe. (Where you get green juice and kale chips, of course.)

8. You click through at least 3 posts in each daily newsletter and comment or like at least 2 of them.

9. You consider time browsing MBG as research for your wellness business.

10. You have digital relationships with several of the bloggers and commentors on the site.

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