5 Superfoods You Probably Don't Know (But Should)

It seems like everyone is talking about superfoods, many of which have become staples in cupboards around the world. They're invaluable tools to help cope with the high-stress and more toxic world in which we live.

Let's say you're pretty up to date with superfoods; you maca, maqui berries, goji berries and chia seeds. You've also found your favorite brand of organic raw chocolate and have even started adding chlorella or spirulina to your morning smoothies. So what now?

Here are the next five superfoods you should know about to stay ahead of the curve:

1. Cupuacu

Cupuacu is a fragrant and beautiful-tasting fruit that's extremely nutrient dense. Often compared to the popular acai berry, cupuacu has more nutrients per grams than the berries do.

One of cupuacu's health benefits is that it stimulates the immune system while stimultaneously supporting the body’s ability to fight disease. It has an energy-boosting effect like coffee, but without any of the side effects. It doesn't contain any caffeine. Other effects reported are healthier skin and hair, lowered cholesterol levels and better libido.

Cupuacu contains a rich array and concentration of unique antioxidants. It's associated with neutralization of free radicals, improvement of circulation, lowered blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels, improve brain function, anti-aging and mental alertness.

2. Marine phytoplankton

Much like other algae products such as chlorella and spirulina, marine phytoplankton is a single-celled organism contains hundreds of different carotenoids, minerals, amino acids and nutrients.

Marine phytoplankton can providing the body with an increase of energy, and may help with many health conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, skin disorders, heart diseases and mood swings.

3. Sea-buckthorn berry 

After Dr. Oz praised the sea-buckthorn as a “miracle fruit," its benefits have been in the media a good deal. Sea-buckthorn berries contain more than 190 active compounds, including vitamins B1, B2, folic acid, C, E, beta carotene, K and full range of omega fatty acids (3, 6, 7 and 9). The high antioxidant and ORAC value of the berries help with promoting healthy skin and hair, fighting cell-damaging free radicals, and also provides anti-aging benefits.

4. Schisandra berry

An adaptogen from Chinese medicine, the schidandra berry is known for many remarkable benefits. It's especially beneficial to kidney, lung and liver function. Because of its astringent qualities, it's also widely used to beautify the skin and to protect it from the damaging effects from the sun and wind.

5. Noni

Noni has been used for over 2,000 years as a treatment for diabetes, high blood pressure and heart ailments. It's rich in polysaccharides, which are found to attack abnormal cells and growths by stimulating the body’s immune system. Noni also is rich in phytonutrients, fights free radicals, and can stimulate serotonin and melatonin production.

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