Is Your Spinach Stressed? 5 Tips To Put The Life Force Back Into Your Food

Our food carries within it a history of its life, and when we consume it, we consume that history.

Think about the story behind your food. Under what conditions was it planted, cultivated and harvested? How many people touched it? The people who touch our food leave an imprint. I'm not even talking about germs, but about energetic imprints. For example, an angry, overworked and underpaid individual harvesting, shipping or putting your veggies on the grocery shelf is going to leave a small bit of his frustrated story on your food.

How do you feel when you go into a busy grocery store around dinner rush? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Contracted? Imagine those poor little baby bok choy sitting all day on those shelves; surrounded by bright lights and intercom announcements; jostled by so many hands. Fruits and veggies can lose their vitality and spirit just like we do.

I'm not saying you should never shop in grocery stores. If you're able to get your food from a CSA or a farmers' market, or if you can grow it yourself, then do!

But if you do buy your produce from the store, there are things you can do to revitalize it before you eat it. Think of it as coaxing the spirit back into your food.


1. Wash away negativity.

Imagine that you're washing away all of the chaos of the grocery store, or wherever else your food may have traveled on its long journey to your house.

2. Be mindful of your mood when you're cooking.

I once made a soup while arguing with my boyfriend, and it came out way too spicy and hard to digest. When I cook in a good mood, my food comes out tasting like my good mood.

3. Play music.

It could be music from the same part of the world as your recipe. It could be music to match your mood, or just your favorite playlist.

4. Cook in good company.

Adding friendship and love into your meal is never a bad thing.

5. Put intention into your meal.

Think about why you are making your food. Is it for nourishment? Pleasure? Healing? Ask your food to do what you’d like it to do. Your food will be delighted to know its purpose, and you are more likely to have your needs fulfilled.

Many of us are into healthy eating these days. But how healthy is our food when it is stressed out and traumatized, just like we are? Choose your food wisely, but perhaps even more importantly than that, consider the spiritual state of your ingredients. When you eat food that has its spirit intact, it will revitalize yours.

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