Is Self-Help Being Shoved Down Our Throats?

Believe in yourself!” “You ARE enough!” “Love is all you need!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. I’m about two inspirational phrases away from puking. I’m beginning to glaze over this stuff when I read it online. Everywhere I turn: uplifting sentiments that are meant to get me really thinking about the negativity in my life, and the ways I should be finding more HAPPY instead.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m a total cynic. But here’s the thing: I’ve sucked that stuff in as much as the next person over the years. Reading quotes, inspirational stories, watching heartwarming YouTube videos and everything in between.

It just seems as though social media is on steroids and totally overdosing on this whole uplifting movement. Everywhere I turn on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter it’s positive message after positive message. And I’m becoming numb to it.

I used to eat this stuff up and even share my own quasi-sappy messages. What’s happening to me?!

Recently I’ve paid closer attention to how I react when I read these social media fluffernutter sandwiches. I don’t get angry and think, “Oh sure, life’s so great for you isn’t it!” Instead I feel what had until recently been a hard-to-pinpoint sense of calm inside. It’s almost a non-reaction.

See, things have been pretty great for me recently. I can’t really complain about anything in life. My relationships both new and old are thriving. My yoga practice has gotten really solid because of my recent commitment to Ashtanga. And I will finally be teaching very soon.

So perhaps what this is for me is finally being in a place in life where I don’t feel like I NEED to read something “happy” a zillion times a day to screw my head on straight. And I only say this because — believe me — there was a time when I did.

Life has its ups and downs, that’s for certain. I think I’ll embrace this time of slight disinterest in all things "fix yourself," and just enjoy these moments of peace.

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