15 Reasons To Forgive Every Day

Every three months I take a 30-day yoga challenge. The challenge entails taking hot yoga classes everyday for 30 days. During the challenge, I also give myself 30 reasons to forgive.

I've picked out my 15 favorite ones:

1. I forgive because I may be disappointed, but I'm choosing to move forward with my life.

2. I forgive because where I am is exactly where I'm meant to be. I'm grateful for everything that's led up to this moment.

3. I forgive because holding onto anger is the perfect pathway to misery.

4. I forgive because I've been given a chance to learn something new, and I can only be grateful.

5. I forgive because I'm happy to have today, so there's no need to cry about or blame yesterday.

6. I forgive because time doesn't move backwards; it moves forward. What's moving forward with me?

7. I forgive because anything that's been done to me I've probably done to someone else.

8. I forgive because I won't allow someone's mistakes or behavior to be a reason for me to play the victim.

9. I forgive because any hurt or disappointment will one day be to my advantage.

10. I forgive because if I am internally fighting with someone else, I'm exhausting myself. How long can I keep fighting for?

11. I forgive because hating something means that I've chosen to hate that something.

12. I forgive because dwelling in hurt hinders my ability to love. I can't give out pure love from a hurting heart.

13. I forgive because the best way to have control over a situation is to be at peace with it.

14. I forgive because the ultimate question is, "How much time am I going to spend on something that's no longer serving me?"

15. I forgive because my future is too promising to be ruined by selfishness, worry and bitterness.

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