How To Find Balance, No Matter How Chaotic Your Life Is

Written by Marissa Håkansson

How do you create a sense of balance and wellbeing in your life? I ask because so often, it seems we miss the deeper meaning of wellbeing

It's common to focus on creating balance in our external life through healthy habits. We might go for a walk or take a yoga class to manage stress. We spend time with our family and pursue personal passions to balance our work life. And we schedule holiday getaways to counter the busy-ness of our life. 

These are all wonderful pursuits that benefit our health and life. But what happens when you're unable to take that yoga class, or you choose to dedicate more time to your work, leaving less time for your personal life? Or what if you carry out all of those activities that support your wellbeing, but for some reason, underneath it all, you still don't feel balanced within who you are? 

I know this can happen, because it's how I felt for years. I was striving for balance in my external life, but inside I felt anything but well. I wanted to feel grounded within who I was, but those experiences seemed fleeting and unsustainable. I'd experience wellbeing for an hour or two in my day, but struggled to hold onto that feeling. I thought I was dependent on the circumstances in order to create stability and harmony within who I was. 

What I didn't understand is that our wellbeing is not solely created from the physical habits. There's a deeper feeling of being fundamentally well and content that we can access. In fact, regardless of any life circumstances, we all have the ability to feel well, resilient, and grounded in who we are. 

I stumbled upon this inner sense of wellbeing amid life circumstances that looked difficult to those around me. I was struggling to maintain practices in my external life that would support my health, but inside, I'd never felt more at ease and balanced. It sounds counterintuitive, but this taught me that it's possible to have a more profound experience of wellness.

I know that each of us can connect with our innate wellbeing and cultivate an inner sense of balance. To support you in creating this for yourself, I'd like to share three approaches that helped me immensely:

1. Recognize that you create your moment-to-moment experience of life. 

How you feel in any moment is created on the inside of who you are. While the world around you can change from moment to moment, at the core of who you are, there is a part of you that is constant and unchanging. Know that your sense of wellbeing and wholeness comes from this core part of yourself, and how you experience life is not dependent on anything outside of who you are.

2. Listen to your body and inner self in order to cultivate a richer experience of wellbeing. 

By expanding your awareness of your body, thoughts, feelings, energy, and connection to the deepest part of yourself, you can learn to honor all parts of who you are and create an experience of balance internally. For example, if you focus too much on your physical wellbeing, but neglect your emotional or spiritual self, you'll feel unbalanced.

3. Create awareness of your inner world, and live consciously from that place.

With a deeper awareness of your whole self, you can start to live each day consciously, letting your inner world be your guide. When you feel grounded in your body and inner self and live from that place of awareness (rather than being guided by the external world around you), you'll naturally feel more at ease, well and balanced within who you are.

With these three approaches in mind, I encourage you to start looking within for wellbeing first, rather than outside of yourself, and see how your own relationship to wellness and balance transforms.

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